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Three friends are videotaping one of them on a merry-go-round that his spinning dangerously fast thanks to a motorcycle. Once the motorcycle catches on fire, the friends call 9-1-1, and when the 118 arrives the man is passed out. The man eventually regains consciousness, and his friends are arrested.

Eddie and Carla go to Christopher’s parent/teacher night, where Eddie hits it off with his English teacher. Later, Eddie is called to the school when Christopher falls off a skateboard, and he lashes out at Christopher's teacher.

Christopher, feeling like Eddie hasn’t been truthful with him in regards to what he can and can not do, calls his father a liar.

Athena is called to the hospital where a woman has been shot and has no recollection of being shot. She and Detective Romero suspect the husband, and flashbacks show that shortly after Christmas, the two argued and he shot his wife in anger.

On a first date, a woman uses her date’s bathroom, and the toilet overflows. After cleaning it up with towels, she attempts to throw them out of the bathroom window and gets stuck. The 118 are called and are able to break her out.

Josh starts talking to a man online, and the two meet for a movie that is playing in a graveyard. When his date steals him away, he’s brought to another man, and Josh is ambushed by the two. The men make off with his keys, phone, and wallet, but Josh refuses to follow-up with the police due to embarrassment.

After apologizing to Christopher’s teacher, Eddie has a hard talk with Christopher about his limitations due to having CP. Later, he, Buck, and Eddie take Christopher skateboarding with a skateboard designed for him

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9-1-1 Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Man, I really need new friends.


Josh: Face it guys, you two got lucky.
Buck: They did. You guys have no idea how hard it is out there for the solos. Where's Albert tonight?
Chimney: He's on a date.