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Blair gets lunch outside a bank while waiting for her boyfriend, Griffin, to arrive. He then skydives down to her before proposing. But before she can say yes, his parachute is swept under the car of a truck and dragged down the street.

After the truck crashes into another vehicle, Athena is able to arrest the suspect while the 118 works on stabilizing Griffin. Having held onto the ring during the dragging, Griffin proposes to Blair, and she says yes. But later, she tells Chimney and Eddie she only said yes because of what just happened.

Chimney starts working doubles to earn more money after buying the ring and vows to move on from the proposal.

Maddie finds the ring in Jee’s dollhouse, tries it on, and then realizes it’s stuck.

Eddie goes out to play golf and hiking, but all the women he takes an interest in are taken.

Buck runs into Lucy at a bar while on his date with Natalia, where she teases him, leaving him flustered.

On the way to a call, the team teases Eddie as he discusses wanting to meet someone and find that chemistry he once had with Shannon.

The call involves Lois, a woman whose dress is trapped underneath the carriage she was riding in on the way to her wedding after the wood broke. They get her stabilized, and she begs them to take her to the ceremony instead of the hospital right away to be checked out, and Bobby agrees.

Maddie goes to Buck’s and reveals the stuck ring to him. He then tells her about everything that happened with Chimney, and she becomes upset after learning that Hen didn’t think they should get married.

Eddie goes to the hardware store to get supplies for Christopher’s project, and he asks him how he and Athena started dating. And Bobby reminds him to be open to whatever comes.

Athena goes to the house of a woman whose husband has just died at home while in hospice care. She tells Athena their story, and they talk about their shared grief of losing people.

Buck cooks dinner for Natalia at his apartment, and after seeing an interview with Taylor Kelly on tv, he tells her about his past. But before they can kiss, they are interrupted by Kameron, who comes to his apartment looking for a place to stay after an argument with Connor.

While on the phone with his insurance, as he files a claim for the missing ring, Chimney asks the woman on the other line what her opinion is of the situation and if he’s misread the signs.

Maddie goes to Hen’s to confront her, and they discuss her and Chimney’s relationship.

Natalia leaves after Buck explains the sperm donor situation.

Eddie runs into Marisol when he heads back to the hardware store.

Maddie proposes to Chimney, with Jee-Yun at her side, with a big play ring, and he accepts.

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9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Hen: Hiking and golfing in the same day. Sounds like you were out there looking for signs, too, Eddie.
Eddie: You know I don’t believe in that stuff. I just want what I had when I met Shannon. It just happened. It was magic.
Chimney: Oh, so you believe in magic?
Eddie: I believe in chemistry.

Blair: I heard a proposal gone wrong can scar a guy for life.
Chimney: Yeah, I heard that, too.
Eddie: Give me a break.