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Maddie gets a call at dispatch from Lucy, who tells her from her helicopter that an overpass collapsed and the entire 118 is down.

Flashing back, Buck talks to Connor and pleads with him to make things right with Kameron. P> At Hen's house, she and Karen deal with a house full of kids, but both admit they love the crazy it brings.

At the firehouse, Bobby calls a meeting but finds Chimney showing off his ring, Eddie distracted as he debates texting Marisol, Eddie on the phone with Kameron, and Hen arriving late.

At a diner, a patron decides to pay it forward and pays for a young soccer team's meal.

Two women, Mallory and Jo, are driving on the freeway when they narrowly avoid running into a pileup. But soon after, they're hit by another vehicle.

The 118 arrives, and they get Jo secured in the ambulance and Mallory sent away with Lucy and air support. But a truck driver falls asleep at the wheel and crashes into the pile of the overpass the 118 is on. The overpass then collapses, trapping Hen in the front of the ambulance, Chimney in the back with JO, Eddie in Mallory and Jo's van, and Bobby unaccounted for.

Buck finds himself slammed against the ambulance windshield, and once he awakens, he gets up to Ravi, and they work on securing the ambulance.

Chimney works to get a metal rod out of his stomach and keep Jo calm.

Once Buck gets to Hen, he gives her the tools to get Chimney and Jo out.

Bobby is shown to be trapped in the shipping container at the bottom of the carnage with a broken radio.

Athena gets the call from dispatch and arrives on the scene, helping civilians to safety.

Athena sees the diner goer she'd told to leave the area still on the scene, and he tells her he hears someone in the shipping container. The two get inside and find Bobby pinned down by debris.

Buck gets to Eddie and pulls him out of the van while Hen gets Jo out of the ambulance. But once she gets Jo out, Hen appears dizzy and throws up. As Buck and Eddie help her, the ambulance shifts, and Chimney falls out the back, barely hanging on.

Buck is able to get him secured before he falls.

The shifting of the ambulance causes Athena, Bobby, and the diner-goer to be trapped. She gets ahold of dispatch, and Maddie gets a nearby construction crew to help pull the debris from the container. The 118 is then able to pull Bobby to safety.

When Athena brings the diner-goer over to see Bobby before he leaves for the hospital, it's revealed he was a victim from a past call whom Bobby saved, though Bobby doesn't remember him.

The 118 get assessed at the hospital.

At Buck's loft, Kameron goes into labor. While helping her, Natalia unexpectedly shows up and helps him deliver the baby.

At the hospital, Connor arrives, and he and Kameron reconcile, while Buck and Natali admit they like one another and kiss.

A few weeks pass, and when Chimney returns to work, he finds the crew on the roof meditating.

As they meditate, we peek into their current situations, which include Maddie and Chimney planning their wedding at home, Hen and Karen open to adopting a baby girl, Marisol asking Eddie out on a date, Buck asking Natalia to help him pick out a new couch, and Bobby and Athena finally going on a cruise.

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9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

Lucy: Can't get rid of me, can you, Buckley?
Buck: Great to see you again. For real, this time.

Ravi: Uh, Cap? Can I just say if Buck needs to get the pregnant lady out of his apartment, I do have a two-bedroom that's about to be on the market. So...
Bobby: Thank you, Ravi. Maybe a discussion for another time.