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This wasn't the most uplifting episode of 90210. We don't mean that negatively, it was just a very somber episode. Here's what went down on it...

- Jackie passed away. Fortunately, Kelly got a chance to say goodbye, in a moving, emotional scene. She and Silver were by their mother's bedside when she died.

- Naomi broke up with Jaime - after he learned she was only dating his roommate to get close to his mother, the Dean; though Naomi eventually apologized for that - because she wasn't over Liam. This was inspired by a heartfeld apology Liam finally gave Naomi for the events from last year.

- Naomi also caught Adrianna with her pills. Adrianna's response when Naomi stormed out of her room? Pop another pill!

- Ryan and Jen went camping and we actually saw a soft side to the latter. She owned up to her financial state and to the fact that her soon-to-be ex-husband cheated on her. Ryan was almost inhumanly sympathic and these two appears to be on solid footing now.

- Jasper came over to the Wilson's for an awkward dinner. Immediately before he arrived, Dixon let it slip that Navid thinks Jasper is a drug dealer. This soured Harry and Debbie to him and they forbade Anie from seeing Jasper again. How did Jasper react to this news? He pushed Navid down a flight of stairs at school.

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Remember when I was on coke? Am I acting anything like that right now?


I am here to rescue your little news broadcast thingy... I'll give people sex advice!


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