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This was the saddest episode of 90210 yet. You'll learn why shortly...

First, let's start with Adrianna. The girl has fallen all the way off the wagon. After Navid witnesses a drug deal between her and Jasper, he tries to call and let her know he still cares about her. But Adrianna blows her ex off and then lies about a mugging to Naomi because she used the money Naomi gave her (for a half-birthday present for Silver) on drugs.

Navid also tries to confront Jasper about his drug dealing, but he both denies it and threatens Navid.

Jasper is coming out on top - or maybe the bottom - of another situation as well: Annie expresses her love for him and also says she wants him to be her first. They have sex. This girl is totally smitten, but also still totally a bitch. Late in the episode, she insults Dixon about being a bad judge of character because Sasha lied to him about her miscarriage.

Dixon discovered this information when Debbie finally came clean about it, but it was too late. He said he no longer trusted her and also offered the harshest insult possible. He said Debbie wasn't his real mother.

Meanwhile, Teddy was in a foul mood all night because Mr. Matthews was still pissed at him over Jen's lies. Once Ivy, Dixon and Teddy learned about her scheming, they all vowed revenge against the bitch.

Then, there was Silver. She grew extra close to her mother after Jackie helped stage a handful of mock birthdays for her daughter. She wanted to make up for time lost. Turns out, Teddy was actually very helpful in this regard, lending his dad's set design person to Jackie. We like where the Teddy and Silver relationship is going. But any more flirting will need to be placed on hold.

That's because the episode ended with Silver - on her half-birthday, no less! - calling 911 because Jackie wasn't conscious.

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90210 Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Silver: I'm so over the Battle of the Bulge.
Naomi: If you were dating Jamie, you would so not be over the Battle of the Bugle.

I'm supposed to go on with my life like nothing happened?


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