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  • Eddie's sister comes for a visit. 
  • Eddie and Katherine decide to have Linday come over when Theo is out. Eddie wants to see if she's OK first. 
  • Katherine gets called into work on her day off, so Gary takes Theo to laser tag instead. 
  • Katherine thinks she got called in to schmooze a female client because she's the only woman in town who works at the firm. 
  • She confronts the parners about it and getting taken off another case and they say the client was uncomfortable with her assistant Carter because he's gay. 
  • Katherine goes off on them and quits. 
  • Eddie and Linday are bonding,and he's setting her up in the garage when he finds a vial of cocaine. He thinks its' hers and kicks her out. 
  • LAter Dakota shows up looking for something, and he realizes it's her drugs. She lashes out. 
  • Katherine tells him she quit and he tells her about Dakota. He says he'll keep working with her to get the money and then he'll get Dakota help and Katherine can find a job she desrves. 
  • Carter is grateful for katherine. 
  • Maggie talks Deliliah into going out to happy hour for adult time. 
  • They see a young hot guy who Delilah tries to set up with Maggie but he's interested in her. 
  • She leaves with him to have some fun. 
  • Gary meets Theo's freind and his mother Darcy and Laser tag. She's hard on him, but they get along well and have chemistry. 
  • He's interested in her. 
  • Rome an gina track down the hotel Eve is staying at. They talk the receptionsist into getting them to the room. 
  • They meet Eve up there and she gives them a signal by using Wendy the social worker's name when speaking to Regina. 
  • They get Derek to sign the adoption papers and Eve promises to be with him. 
  • Eve alerts them that she'll escape via the bathroom at the ice cream parlor they took her too. 
  • She does and goes to a safe house. 
  • Derek comes to Someday to look for her, gets angry and Gina  and Rome call him out and run him off. 
  • Lindsay returns and spends time with the family
  • She asks Eddie about a lakehouse when they were young and a death that happened there. 
  • Maggie gets a call to go to oxford. 
A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Maggie: Oh my god!
Delilah: What?
Maggie: I have the same haircut as Ellen.

Katherine: Hey Carter.
Carter: Hey girl.
Katherine: Carter, it's Katherine. Did you mean to call me?
Carter: Yeah, I was trying out something new. It didn't work.