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  • Eddie and Katherine are preparing for the ceremony. 
  • Colleen, Alex's sister stops by their house to have words with Eddie. She tells him about how Alex had a crush on him and wore a bracelet he gave her all summer. 
  • Eddie asks Lindsay about the bracelet and what she did with his clothes that night, and he goes there looking for them.
  • Eve goes into labor, and the gang rush to the hospital. 
  • Katherine decides they can have the wedding there at the chapel, and they get to work moving eveything there. 
  • But Eddie never shows up since he goes looking for the clothes. He finds the bracelet there and thnks he had something to do with Alex's death. He blames himself for it. 
  • He tells Lindsay that it was his fault, and she tells him that they all were drinking and it was an accident. He goes into a bar, and Lindsay tries to tell him not to go. 
  • Eve is in labor and Rome and Gina are freaking out when she has preeclamsia and they aren't getting updates. 
  • When they go to pray on it, they get news that Eve and the baby are fine. 
  • Eve tells them that she wants to keep the baby, and they are crushed. Gina is so upset and reminds Rome that he was the one that made her want to do this. 
  • The group notice that Gary and Darcy are a thing. 
  • Maggie thinks about how Gary always treated her well and she tells him that she loves him at the hospital. He gets upset and calls her out on waiting too late and only doing it when he's happy. 
  • Darcy notices the tension and tells him to figure things out and let her know what he decides. 
  • He goes to see Maggie off and tells her that they'll be freinds, then goes to see Darcy.
  • At the hospital, Miles is there meeting everyone and being super nice. The kids see him and have a crush on him but accept him. 
  • Delilah asks why he likes her, and he says because she takes care of other people. They're content. 
  • Eddie sees himself in an old man and stops himself from drinking. He calls Katherine. And he tells her that he's coming home and that he almost drank, but he didnt and they'll renew their vows. He tells her he loves her, and while he's talking, he's hit by a car. 
A Million Little Things
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