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Gary lets Maggie stay at his apartment and asks her if she's pregnant. She tells him what happened and that it's Jamie's, and she's having an abortion because of her chemo program and all. He tells her that he'll take her to the appointment.

Gary has to go with Darcy and Liam on a camping trip to spend time together.

Maggie tells Jamie about being pregnant and the abortion. He tries to be supportive, but it's hard from how far away he is.

Rome is still down in the dumps about his movie getting postpone, and Gina is overwhelmed with trying to still run a restaurant with limited capacity.

Eddie reaches out to Dakota, mostly hoping that she still does drugs so he can score, but she tells him that thanks to him she's clean.

He figures out that going with Dakota to her session may get him some drugs when she shares that she's the only sober one there and that's why she wants him there.

Gary takes Maggie to get her abortion and offers to be there with her in the aftermath.

Rome is not doing so well being helpful at Someday.

Maggie is upset that her cancer made the choice for her regarding having a baby.

Gary offers to cancel with Darcy to stay with Maggie, but she pretends that Gina is coming to be with her instead.

The delivery boy that Rome wasn't nice to deliver the orders for them. Dakota confronts Eddie about his addiction.

Gary finds out that Gina isn't with Maggie. He tells Darcy he can't make it, and she gets upset and assumes the worst about him and Maggie. He explains, and she tells him to go.

When Gary gets there he sees that Jamie showed up for Maggie and caught the last flight out.

Dakota tells Eddie that she needs him more than he probably needs her for her career and brings him pills.

Gary drives up to where Darcy and Liam are and leaves the tobaggan that Liam wanted, but doesn't stay because he wants to meet Liam at the right time.

Rome is inspired by Tyrell and thinking about Jon and prepares to write another script.


A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Maggie: So I know I didn't call you after my screening.
Jamie: Yeah, are you OK?
Maggie: What I am is pregnant.
Jamie: Uh, but we used a--
Maggie: Yeah, I know, so congrats on having super strong sperm.

Are you pregnant?

Gary [to Maggie]