Telling the Truth - Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 1 Episode 9
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  • A woman is preparing for her wedding day when someone comes to abduct her. She puts up a fight, but they tase her, and she never shows.
  • Apparently, Briana and her fiance, Trevor, met three months prior. The fiance says that it was love at first sight.
  • Nikki and Jason wonder if Briana got cold feet andn ran.
  • Nikki, Jason, and Mike sit down with Keith to talk about who took him. He talks about the woman who took him.
  • He says that the woman would put an IV in his arm every two weeks and would take his blood.
  • He talks about another boy he was with who she brought in a few months before he went away. He never saw him, but they would talk. his name is Max.
  • Mike tells Nikki and Jason that he has to take point on the case for the betterment of everyone.
  • Briana's companhy webpage is a specialized company and information leads them to a storage facility.
  • Briana is a cam girl.
  • Mike is searching for boys in the tri-state area with the name Max. They narrow down to a Joseph Maxwell who was a homeless kid and they don't have much information on him.
  • Nikki and Jason show Briana's cam girl content to Trevor.
  • They suspect that whoever took her was one of her subscribers.
  • C approaches Kemi about advice with Rachel. He still hasn't apologized to her.
  • They find out that Briana had a stalker saying she should return something that isn't hers.
  • Mike brings in Corey, a homeless kid who knew Max.Cory tried to track Max down with the tags the kids use to keep track of each other, but he followed it to the last place he got a signal and found nothing.
  • Mike gets annoyed that Nikki and Jason keep trying to run interfrence with the case.
  • Kemi interviews the guy who got blocked and he says the girl he thought he was talking to was a bot.
  • Mike figures out that it may not be a fan who took Briana. She got someone to help her build her brand and he made money when she did.
  • But Briana shared with her fans that she was engaged and getting married and that she would stop doing the videos. The guy she was in business with was angry that she was quitting on him.
  • Jason and Nikki meet up with his contact to get assisstance using his drone to get a lead on what remote area Max is held in. The contact sends dozens of drones up.
  • A teen, Sam, is who created the bots and was the one who was helping Briana.
  • They get a lead on a cabin location and instead of telling Mike, Nikki and Jason go investigate themselves.
  • They find where the boys were being held and it looks horrible but the person must have left.
  • Mike figures out that Hector's wife is the one who was harassing Briana and withdrew the exact amount of money he spent on her out of her account.'Briana and the wife end up fighting each other when she goes to let her free. She enlists her husband's help. HE'S SHCOKED.
  • Nikki and Jason bring Keith to the cabin to see if he remembers anything.
  • They invetigate and wonder why there isn't a next room over until Jason finds a trap door that leads to a room where they find a skeleton that must be Max.
  • Mike and Kemi bust down the door and head to the couples house and see all the blood in the shed.
  • Mike is upset when he hears Nikki broke her word.
  • They got to bury Briana to discover she's not really dead.
  • Gloria and Henry argue and Gloria accidentally shoots him with the gun.
  • Mike and Jason stop Gloria from killing herself.
  • They found five bodies so far at the cabin.
  • C tells Rachel that he's trans and that's why he got gunshy about their date but she doesn't care and they kiss.
  • Jason thinks that someone working on Cradle Mobile what all the boys had in common, is who is the abductor. They show Keith pictures, and they find her. Beth Coltoin.
Alert: Missing Persons Unit
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Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Mike: You gave me your word, Nik.
Nikki: I know.
Mike: Your word.
Nikki: And part of me wishes that I would have kept it.
Mike: And the other part?
Nikki: Wishes that you underestood why I didn't'.

Kemi: Her and Jason being on one side,you on the other. Blended familis are hard, and no matter what, they could be doing nothing, and it wouldn't make iany sense; there's gotta be times you have to feel like the odd man out.
Mike: It has nothign to do with that, and no , I don't.
Kemi:So you're never jealous?
Mike: No.
Kemi: Nervous?
Mike: Nope.
Kemi: Worried?
Mike: Absolutely not.
Kemi: OK, then act like it.