Cornering a Suspect  - Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 1 Episode 10
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  • Beth is testing and doing medical procdures on Max. And she brings up her son Noah and how he needs things. She wheels Max to meet her son, Noah, and she says Noah needs a new heart and that Max will be giving it to him.
  • Beth or Elizabeth is a single mom who was a Trauma surgeon.
  • Elizabeth has been bleeding out all the kids and harvesting the organs to keep Noah alive.
  • They bust down the three local suppliers of Halothane, the black market drug used for black market procdures in hopes of figuring out where Elizabeth is.
  • J turns the cameras off wfhile "talking" to one of the guys and gets a lead.
  • They stake out where there leads is and Jason spots Elizabeth who runs from him. Nikki goes after her, and Elizabeth gets the jump on Nikki, knocking her out. By the time Jason gets there, he finds Nikki's phone.
  • Jason and Mike are willing to do whatever to find Nikki.
  • Jason calls Sid and Keith to tell them that Nikki is missing.
  • Nikki talks Max through freeing himself from the bed he's strapped to
  • They go canvassing the neighborhood for those on dalysis with machines to see who belongs to what.
  • C volunteers to go with them.
  • Nikki talks Max through freeing himself and her and she tells him to run
  • Nikki goes to check on Noah and sees he's a sliced up corpse like
  • Beth finds her and injects her.
  • Jason finds the spot where Beth is keeping everyone and Jason catches Beth just as she's cutting Nikki's chest witha  scalpel.
  • Jason wants to kill Beth and Nikki talks him down and he arrests her.
  • Keith identifies Beth. Shes starts talking to him through the glass.
  • Everyone has a celebration djinner.
  • Kemi senses or sees something after Kemi uses the egg on Oliver.
  • A different woman  runs Keith over with her truck and kidnaps him and Jason and Nikki can't stop him.
  • They found the messages that he was getting harassed.
  • Sidney searches Keith's room and finds the notebook.
  • They itnerview Beth to see if she sent someone after him. She says that she doesn't know a Keith or recognize him.
  • Mike tells them that Keith doesn't fit Beth's profile and something is off.
  • Sidney calls her parents and tells them about the journal Keith kept. They figure out based on the initials he puts in that her name is Evelyn.
  • They find Keith in the basement. Evelyn comes out and tells Keith to be honest that his name is Lucas and he's been lying the whole time.
  • Evelyn put Keith up to it after seeing how similar they looked for the money but then Lucas wantned what they had.
  • Evelyn shoots Lucas and he bleeds out and dies.
  • Mike checks up with Max again and finds out that the boy next to him was Oliver, not Keith.
  • They have a ceremony to grieve Keith and Lucas.
  • Jason and Nikki lay on the couch together and tell each other they love each other and Jason packs things up the next day and gives the key back to Mike.
Alert: Missing Persons Unit
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Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Nikki: You were suppposed to stay over to help me grieve.
Jason: Well, I did. Sex is a way to cope with grief.
Nikki: Then we did a copious amount of coping then.
Jason: Whatever hapepned to that couch?
Nikki: I don't know. It was a nice couch, though.

Nikki: I know what you're thinking, but a child is being harvested for parts. J is doing the best to keep that from happening. Mike: Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons is still doing the wrong thing. But what I'm thinking is I don't really have a better idea.