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Damon has to do an assignment about nature vs. nurture. He's anxious about the DNA results, and JR is avoiding him.

The tennis team is playing some of the best girls in the conference. Simone got selected to play against a number two player.

Keisha is depressed since her mom's birthday is coming up, and she and her dad aren't speaking.

Marcus tries to convince Amara that they can be just friends. The president stops Amara's Black Women's journalist summit, but Simone finds it a new home.

Simone suggests Dimone do a documentary for his nature vs. nurture project and try talking to JR again.

Coach Shaw got his claws into JR and wants him to join the fraternity.

Simone loses her tennis tournament and has a panic attack as the team ridicules her.

Amara interviews a journalist about black female journalists, have it more challenging as Shaw talks to his boys about what he's done for them.

Thea says she's still learning who she is off the court. She gives Simone valuable advice about managing her anxiety.

When Simone's anxiety worsens at the next tournament, Thea holds up an encouraging sign, and Simone refocuses.

Keisha reminds Damon he has loving adoptive parents.

The group throws Keisha a birthday party for her late mom, which her dad attends.

Keisha tells Cam she needs time to process loss and relationships.

JR wants to rejoin the team because he missed Damon. They learn the results of the DNA test.

All American: Homecoming
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All American: Homecoming Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Keisha, I'm really sorry, but you're not alone. You got us.


JR: You don't even know if we are brothers yet. Stop trying to carve a spot in my family.
Damon: It was you who started this I think we're brothers campaign. If you didn't want a brother, you shouldn't have come looking for one.