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Spencer goes to the family cabin for some alone time, the first time he's been there since Corey's death. Coop stops by to see him and Grace invites her in. Spencer keeps flashing back to his last visit with Corey. He can't go inside. Then many of his friends show up. Billy shows up to fix the garbage disposal at the Baker home. Spencer is sorting items in the cabin into junk and memory piles. Spencer finds a box of birthday letters that Corey wrote to him and Dillon. He can't decide whether to read them and Layla suggests that he holds off. Coop is trying to get guidance from Patience. Patience tells Coop to go to the cabin and talk with Spencer. Jordan finds out that Simone was once a tennis prodigy and wants to go back to it. Spencer reads the first of Corey's letters. The garbage disposal backs up after Billy "fixes" it. Vanessa tells Asher to stand up for himself. Asher puts doubts in Layla's head about Spencer and Olivia. Olivia suggests Spencer keep reading the letters. L'il Jewel tracks down Patience to tell her she didn't know J.P. stole her song. She invites Patience to use her studio time to record her song. Asher lashes out at Olivia. The gang plays Never Have I Ever with jalapeno-infused pickle juice to drink and truths come out. Layla tells Asher and Vanessa that Olivia knew about their friendship in Mexico. Then Coop shows up. Billy and Laura finally get the disposal fixed. Laura canceled her Girls Night Out to help him with the disposal. Coop and Spencer and Asher and Olivia have it out. Asher and Olivia break up while tension remains between Spencer and Coop. Jordan and Simone stay together. Patience comforts Coop. Layla asks Spencer about Vegas.

All American
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All American Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Spencer: What are y'all doing here?
Layla: We're here for you.

Grace: I'm sorry, Tamia. Spencer went to the cabin.
Coop: To get away from me?
Grace: To get away from everything.