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Spencer is still haunted by Billy's final voicemail. Spencer's family has flown in from Oakland. Dillon and Spencer get into it. Grace insists that Spencer go to see Dr. Spears. He threatens to move out. Jordan tries to take charge at GAU's practice. J.J. encourages Asher to recruit Spencer to transfer to Coastal California. On Grace's recommendation, Dr. Spears drops by the beachhouse but Spencer drives him away. Layla warns Patience to stay away from Miko. Coach Kenny tells Spencer to leave. Spears ambushes Spencer at GAU and lays some wisdom on him. Coop tries to talk with Spencer, who blows up and punches a dresser. Dillon has Coop drive him to the art gallery instead. Spencer calls Dr. Spears, who takes him on a drive. Jabari informs J.J. that he appreciate how J.J. is behaving. Spears takes Spencer to his old playing field. Olivia tells Jordan and Coop that they can't give up on Spencer, regardless how he's acting. Spencer reminisces about Shawn. At Jordan's recommendation, the GAU team has a touchdown celebration contest as a bonding exercise. Patience meets with Miko and attempts to talk boundaries with her. Miko bugs Patience's phone. Olivia meets with Alicia. Spencer is upset because he declined Billy's final call. He didn't get a chance to say goodbye. Coach Montes puts J.J. on notice. Spears points out that Spencer's behaving like Little Spencer, trying to protect himself from abandonment, but says that people never really have left him. Spencer sets up a weekly appointment with Spears. Spencer leaves a message on Billy's phone. Spencer apologizes to Coach Kenny. They hug it out. All of Spencer's village is waiting outside for him. Spencer stays at GAU. D'Andre is moving the family back to Crenshaw. Even Darnell, and then Alicia, show up. And Olivia leaves. 

All American
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All American Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

What'd you do? Spike J.J.'s protein shake his morning?

Montes [to Asher]

Spencer: You gonna make me repeat myself.
Dr. Spears: Say less. I'll go.