American Crime Season 2 Episode 2 Review: I'm Fine

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Who else wants to smack some sense into Leslie?

On American Crime Season 2 Episode 2, things took a serious turn when Anne went to the police to report the sexual assault.

Of course, the case took an interesting turn when Leslie decided to just gleam over the entire thing without giving proper punishment. 

Let's not waste anymore time and discuss, "I'm Fine."

Getting Ahead of the Investigation - American Crime

While I understand Anne had good intentions calling the cops and reporting the assault, she should have talked to Taylor first. I know she wanted to help her child, but Taylor had a hard enough time telling her about the assault. Did she really think he would want to talk to the cops?

Regarding the cops, I figured there would be some reluctance on their part when they heard the sexual assault happened to a male. It seems like many people automatically assume it's a female who has been sexually assaulted instead of a male. I do get where the cops were coming from regarding Taylor. 

How would the cops be able to help Taylor if he wasn't willing to talk? They did need a lot of information, especially when it came to where the party took place, and Taylor is the only one who had all the facts. This was yet another reason why Anne should have consulted with Taylor first.

I was pleased Taylor decided to go in for the rape kit, but it killed me watching him. There were so many different emotions playing out on his face – I just felt terrible for him. I don't blame Anne at all for wanting to give the evidence to the woman administering the rape kit because she seemed to be the only one who showed true compassion.

Of course, Leslie continued to downplay the entire assault which is what I figured she'd do. It made sense, as headmaster, why she wouldn't want to publicize the assault, but she should really should take it more seriously.

It just seems like she thinks this is something they can just sweep under the rug. Leslie needs to realize sexual assault is a huge deal and should be dealt with swiftly. If this had happened to a female student I can guarantee Leslie would have been all over the case and would get to the bottom of everything. 

Leslie was even more infuriating when she told Coach Dan they have to look responsible and need to punish one of the kids. What happened to being compassionate towards all of your students? At least they ended up punishing one of the kids involved, but it was basically a slap on the wrist.

The sad thing about punishing Eric was he saw nothing wrong in his actions. He immediately put the blame on Taylor. Even Kevin didn't see the big deal in the entire thing. How are these two supposed to learn from their actions if they aren't going to be properly punished? 

I give Coach Dan credit for trying to talk to Rebecca about sex and boys. He probably could have picked a better place to have the discussion, but he did bring up some good points about sex; though it's sad Rebecca doesn't see it as a big deal. 

In the end, the police continued to be unhelpful to the case. I could feel Anne's frustrations while talking to the detective when he continued to make it sound like it was Taylor's fault. She's trying so hard to help her son, but no one is willing to give her the help she needs. I wasn't shocked to see her going to a reporter to tell Taylor's story. 

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