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On American Crime Season 2 Episode 6, Leslie decides it's a good idea to welcome Eric back to Leyland. The lawyers for the school advise her it's going to blow up in her face, but she refuses to listen. She makes matters even worse by putting together an assembly and making Eric talk about diversity and being accepted back to the school. The assembly isn't received well by the students, but Leslie continues her crusade to make Eric the face of Leyland. Leslie puts together a interview with a local reporter, who is also gay, and the reporter starts asking Eric questions about how it feels to be representing gay athletes. Eric gets angry, says some choice words, and the reporter leaves the interview angry. Leslie apologizes and makes excuses about how Eric is young and doesn't mean anything negative. 

Later the basketball game the players all treat Eric like a pariah and refuse to share the ball with him. After the game Kevin and his teammates, minus Eric, go out to eat and Kevin puts negative ideas in their mind about going after Taylor. The teammates go to see Eric and convince him to call Taylor and invite him to a secluded area. Taylor agrees to meet Taylor, but is surprised to see four of Eric's teammates show up instead of Eric and they start going after Taylor.

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American Crime
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American Crime Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

We have shifted the situation from an entire team of boys facing arrest and persecution to just a hysterical mother taking one last stab at civil restitution.


He's your teammate and we have to be ready to welcome Eric back. We have to be leaders. We have to show other people how it's done.