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Lucy wakes up and finds Baz watching the surf. She asks about Lena and he tells her she wanted to stay with Pope.

Surf sits down at lunch and is the focus of a few ladies who come and visit her.

Pope cleans up at Smurf's place and talks to J and Nicky about graduation.

At the bar Craig and Deran talk business. Deran tells Craig he doesn't trust Baz.

Back at Smurf's Pope wakes Lena up for school. J is walking by the pool and gets a phone call from Smurf. They talk about Baz and she tells him to keep his eye on Pope.

Baz and J go to the lawyer's office to change the power of attorney but the lawyer is out of the office. Baz figures out J called Smurf and he tells him a story about Smurf and J's mom and who his dad is.

Smurf's defense lawyer tells her she's going to be in jail for six months to a year.

J talks to Nicky about what Baz said to him. He's upset. She calms him down.

Craig and Deran are surfing talking about Baz again.

J gets a call from Baz about a family meeting at the house. Deran and Craig get the same message.

Smurf gets a visit from the D.A who tells her about the bank robberies and wants Smurf to give up her kids in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Baz holds his meeting and he tells everyone about J. J and Baz go at it when Lena shows up and Pope stops the fight and takes Lena out of the room.

J wakes up to a phone call from Smurf. She wants him to go see her in jail.

Pope is waiting for Baz outside his place to talk to him about Lena. Baz asks if Pope can watch Lena so he can go down to Mexico to look for a place.

At jail, J asks about his father. She tells him to tell Baz she wants him to call her before she strikes a deal.

Pope is watching Lena at the playground.

J gets home to find an upset Nicky because he wasn't there for her graduation. She wants to get high.

Baz visits Smurf in jail. She sets Pope and Baz against each other.

Pope visits Deran and Craig at the bar. He asks them to look after Lena if something goes down. Deran says yes. 

Nicky and J break into a house.

Pope heads over to his place and waits for Baz.Baz gets to Pope's place. Pope confesses to Baz.

Nicky and J get busted but they escape.

Craig wants to leave because he's had enough. He says his goodbyes to Deran.

J takes the pellets out of Nicky's leg.

Baz is telling Lucy about Catherine. She suggests they leave with Lena tonight.

Craig goes to Renn's place and asks her to go on a road trip.

Baz and Lucy are leaving and someone shoots Baz. He gets out to go after who shot him. Lucy leaves him dying. Lucy is at the house breaking down the walls with all the money.



Animal Kingdom
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