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Frankie is driving the truck and gets to the gate. The security guards check the back and the truck gets in. The guys get loaded up into the plane with the cash.

Pearce is giving Smurf a ride home.

The guys are in the air and the others are following them on the ground. Billy is with them.

Deran and J break out of their boxes. They hold up the pilot and the security guard on board. J gives them directions. He and Deran stuff themselves with money.

Pearce and Smurf talk it up. Smurf finally gets home.

Pope, Craig and Billy are at the drop point. Pope goes off on Billy about dropping his cigarette on the ground.

Pope reminds Billy about things he did to him when he was a kid like locking him in a closet and forgetting about him. Craig is sleeping. Billy is scrounging for drugs. He's having a hard time.

J and Deran get ready to jump. They missed their drop point so they have to make it up somehow in the air after they jump. They land, but they're far from where the others are. They are 48 miles from the drop point.

Deran insists they bury the money because they're going to get caught. The phones aren't working. Craig figures out where they landed and they head that way.

Frankie is relaxing by the pool when Smurf shows up. Frankie spills the beans on the job. Frankie is trying to butter up to Smurf offering to draw her a bath.

J and Deran come upon a house. The owner comes out and they ask to use her phone. She's got a couple of kids. The woman offers to give them a ride to town for 10 grand. She knows something's up which is why she demanded 10 grand. Deran threatens her with a gun but she doesn't back down.

Billy is just complaining. He wants to stop to do some drugs at a truck station. Pope has no patience. He's telling stories about Pope that aren't very nice. Ewww. 

Pope's heard enough and pulls over and pulls Billy out of the truck. he throws him to the side of the road and takes off.

Back at the ranch, Frankie is still trying to make friends with Smurf. Smurf is making dinner.

Pope and Craig are still trying to find Deran and J.

Pope asks Craig what he thinks about the possibility of Smurf killing Baz.

Deran and J show up. Deran is pissed that Pope left Billy by the side of the road. Billy calls at Smurf's place. She picks up the phone. She wants to know where the boys are. Billy is making excuses.

The boys dump the car and head somewhere to count the cash. They stole 790 grand. Pope wants them to leave a portion for Lena.

Billy ends up at the bar. He tells Deran to stop doing jobs with Pope. Deran spills the beans about the take. He tells Deran that Smurf's home.

The boys show up and see Smurf in the kitchen.

Smurf kicked J out of her room and put all her stuff back in his room.

Billy tells Deran he was going to take him to Reno but Smurf prevented it.

Back at home, everyone is having dinner made by Smurf. It's very uncomfortable. Craig just falls right into her trap.

Smurf asks J about Nicky who went to Guam.

Smurf offers a toast to Baz. Pope and J and Frankie thinks its all bullshit. Craig is completely into it. Pope and Smurf give each other the death stare.














Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

I should've locked you in the closet for three weeks.


You got a slick operation, Janine. It's slick enough that your boys can run it without you. They've grown up. They don't need you. I don't think they even want you.