Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Incoming

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It was a death stare match between Pope and Smurf, but only one of them will win.

My bet will always be on Pope. The more he thought about it on Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 8, the more he convinced himself that Smurf was responsible for Baz's murder. 

Smurf can cook up all the meatloaf dinners she wants, but Pope isn't fooled by her games anymore.

Mom's Back Tall - Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 8

The same can't be said for Craig. He turned into a pile of mush when he saw his momma. It's a sure thing that he'll be telling her every little thing about what's been happening since she's been gone.

He has the worst case of momma's boy I've ever witnessed, and yet, he's still a loveable lump. 

Craig will side with Smurf no matter what anyone says. She has her claws so deep into him; there is no way he'll ever be able to break free. The only way that will happen is if Pope finds actual proof that she killed Baz or had it done.

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Even then, he still might stand by her. It's going to depend on how afraid he is of Pope, but it's going to end up being Pope's word against hers.

We already know where J stands. Out of all the boys, he was the most shocked to see Smurf. He knows damn well that she remembers what he said to her the last time he saw her in jail. He's going to pay for smarting off to her.

He's the first one she's going to try to get rid of after taking care of Billy and Frankie. It was beyond creepy that she moved all of his stuff out of her room and placed everything so precisely back in his old room.

Smurf Learns a Secret - Animal Kingdom

Smurf probably swept through that house like wildfire trying to find anything to use against any one of her boys.

Smurf's got a plan, and I know some of you disagree, but she made a deal with Pearce or someone. There is no doubt in my mind.

How else did she get out so easily and quickly? The only other thing I can think of is that maybe Pearce let her out to try to see if he could trap her in something. That might make more sense, but, still, Smurf is not to be trusted.

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Frankie was quick to cozy up to Smurf, and that was just as weird as Smurf deciding to make dinner for her boys as a surprise after their big job.

It's not completely clear if Frankie spilled the beans about the weed heist, but it wouldn't be a shock if she did.

Waiting - Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 8

Frankie's another one who is up to something. I'm not entirely convinced she's all in with Billy. There was a weird understanding between her and Smurf -- maybe it was because they both dipped their toes in the same water, but maybe it was something else. 

You got a slick operation, Janine. It's slick enough that your boys can run it without you. They've grown up. They don't need you. I don't think they even want you.


It was surprising that Smurf didn't just throw her out. Smurf isn't that stupid to not realize that Frankie was playing games by drawing her a bath and doing her laundry. If Smurf thought that Frankie was interested in her sexually, she's more stupid than I thought.

Maybe Smurf just needed some TLC and Frankie was the one who happened to be around to offer it up. 

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It's possible that Frankie might ditch Billy to stay in Smurf's good graces. Whatever Frankie is up to, she's smart. The question is whether or not she's smarter than Smurf.

That remains to be seen.

Billy and Deran's relationship is going in a new direction, and Deran is an idiot for allowing Billy to get inside his skin. Deran made a huge mistake telling Billy about the take from the weed heist. He should have kept mouth shut, but Deran is going through something because his head's not on straight.

Pope Knows - Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 8

If he were smart, he'd listen to Pope because Pope is going to be the lone survivor. Billy is going down, and Pope is going to be the one to do him in. How gross (and embarrassing) for Billy to talk about Pope the way he did when they were in the car waiting for J and Deran?

Billy is lucky Pope didn't kill him right then and there. The only thing I'm worried about and hope doesn't happen is that Smurf gives Pope the order to get rid of Billy. If she does, and he listens to her, then Pope is a lost cause.

Somehow, though, Pope is only going to listen to himself. It might be a good sign that he didn't kill Billy when he had a chance. That shows growth on his part.

Craig: You've been acting weird all day.
Pope: That's just my personality, bro.

Things are coming to a head on Animal Kingdom. Smurf was like an "Incoming" missile to the boys' current way of life. They had just been finding their own paths when she arrived to shake up things.

There is going to be an explosion soon, and my guess is that it's going to be between Pope and Smurf. Who do you think will win that battle?

Over to you.

What is Frankie's game? Is J going to run?

Will Smurf go off and kill everyone, or was she only testing the water to see who she could still manipulate?

Is Pope going to take down Smurf?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

I should've locked you in the closet for three weeks.


You got a slick operation, Janine. It's slick enough that your boys can run it without you. They've grown up. They don't need you. I don't think they even want you.