Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 3 Review: Man vs. Rock

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Craig is the man.

Craig finally came into his own on Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 3 when Frankie challenged him to figure out a way to steal the sculpture.

There was a time when Craig was nothing more than a momma's boy., but he's finally pulled away from Smurf and that can be attributed to Frankie.

Handsome Man - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 3

I'm not necessarily a fan of Frankie, but she has been able to bring something out in Craig  that wasn't there before: confidence.

If you remember back on Animal Kingdom Season 3, once she got together with him, she told him he didn't have to live under Smurf's thumb forever.

That Look! - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 3

That is one of the reasons she included him in that sophisticated house heist -- besides the fact she needs a good looking partner to help her pull it off.

If she didn't see potential in him, she wouldn't have included him in that job or the current job they are working on together.

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I'm sure she has a vast network of people she could use to help her with her jobs, but she always seems to turn to Craig and the other Codys.

It's not clear yet if it's all a scam. For all we know, she could be working with law enforcement and is trying to set them up, but I don't get that feeling.

A Proud Man - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 3

There's something else going on, but it could very well be that she has a genuine interest in Craig and his talents.

And you never know, maybe at some point Craig will break away from the Codys to pursue something more lucrative and high-end than robbing banks, boats, and airplanes.

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Stealing a sculpture for $800 grand is a daunting task, but a few jobs like that every year would be worth it.

Frankie was a little concerned about what Craig had done with the sculpture to give them a better opportunity to steal it, but Craig's plan worked out just as he thought.

Thinking About Pope - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 3

And for him to have thought of that plan could also be attributed to Frankie because she challenged him to figure it out. And he did. All on his own.

It seems weird that she wouldn't have thought of something similar considering she's been doing jobs like this for a long time, and maybe she did.

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But what she wanted was for Craig to figure it out.

She gave him another confidence boost, and if he can think up a plan like this, the sky's the limit for Craig Cody.

Hanging Out in the Kitchen - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 3

Time will tell if she is everything she says she is and what her ultimate goal is, but for now, Craig is crazy about her and is not about to turn her down.

Deran isn't so sure Frankie is someone they can trust, but he's willing to tag along because not only does his brother need him, but because the paycheck is so big.

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He shouldn't be judging someone else's trustworthiness anyway because he's got big problems at home with Adrian.

I'm not a big fan of Adrian's storyline and wish he would just go away, but he might be the person who ends up bringing the entire Cody family down. 

Pope Has a Job - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 3

If that's the ultimate goal then it makes sense.

And with Smurf in dire health, the Cody family's downfall might be how this series ends.

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However, I still believe that Craig is going to escape the drama and end up as Frankie's partner in crime. Maybe she sees something no one else does.

If I had to guess, Pope is the person who's going to go down first.

Bad News - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 3

If he teams up with Angela for whatever job she has in mind, it'll be a huge mistake on her part.

We need to keep our fingers crossed that if he goes along with her that he doesn't include any of the other Codys.

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Smurf won't be happy if she learns about Pope working a job with Angela, but Smurf has more important issues on her mind.

I don't get how NO ONE in that house knew that Smurf had passed out. The only explanation is that she came to before someone found her.

Gun in the Face - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 3

The look on her face when the doctor gave her the bad news was everything. Like most mothers, she would think about her kids first and how they'll react to her diagnosis (I think it's cancer).

She'll be worried they won't be able to carry on without her, but she also isn't aware that her kids and grandson are more crafty than she realizes.

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Speaking about crafty, Mia is a dangerous girl.

It is another storyline I'm not fond of, but like Adrian, she might end up being the one who will be responsible for J's downfall.

Making An Offer - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 3

Killing someone in daylight as she did is risky, and it's not clear if she did it on her own or was ordered to do it by her boss.

Either way, she's going to have to calm the situation down. 

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Tupi has no idea Mia killed the guy, but he was dead serious when he threatened J.

It may turn out that J discovers Mia's hidden talent and uses her to kill Smurf and any other Cody who gets in his way, but doesn't seem likely.

Hanging by the Pool - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 3

If anything, I can see Mia killing J so she can take his businesses and money and create her own empire.

Out of everyone, she is a mini Smurf.

Over to you!

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What did you think of "Man vs. Rock"?

Is Deran right not to trust Frankie?

Does Frankie have bigger plans for Craig?

Who will survive the ultimate downfall of the Codys? Anyone?

What is the deal with Angela?

Will Pope help her?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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