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  • Smurf and the boys rob a mac truck fillled with VCRs 
  • Deran tells J about a potential job stealing from the guy holding all the money to send out of the country to oter people. 
  • Craig is hanging out at Deran's condo getting high with all the teenagers he befriended before.
  • The liquor board shuts Deran's bar down likely because of the son of a beach boys.
  • Candace: You're high right now. That's why I wanted the baby with me. Craig: Oh, so that's what this is? Candace: This is about my daughter coming to her senses and getting away from  you. 
  • J checks out the market doing under the table wire transferring but they don't send enough money to be worht it. 
  • Craig confronts Renn's mother thinking she's over there, but she isn't.
  • Pope goes to Pete's to get rid of his truck because of the desert stuff, and an employee tells him about Pete not doing business with them anymore. 
  • Craig drag races on this motorcycle in front of a cop.
  • Max demands the rest of his cut even though it was outside of Max's terf
  • Deran finds out that it was Livengood who got Deran's license suspended and bar shut down. He talks to Chadwick about it, needing a head's up but Chadwick tells him that it wasn't through them and he doesn't have any pull to do anything.
  • Chadwick: What do you want me to do? Deran: I don't know. Cop shit. 
  • Pope: You tell Pete if he hurts my family's business, I'll hurt his. 
  • Deran: Renn took off. Pope: With the baby? WHy? Deran: It's pretty messed up taking a kid from his dad. Pope: Well, we don't know what's really going on.
  • Craig: So you want me to ask Frankie whether we can burn another one of her contacts? J: Yes.
  • Pope: You alright, man? Renn took off? Craig: You told them? Deran: Maybe yo should go home and sleep it off. Craig: Well I can't do that man, alright? There's too much baby shit.
  • J's face when craig and deran argue priceless
  • Craig goes to Frankie's and she gets him to get some sleep. 
  • Max finds the twins and makes a threat. 
  • Pope: You know what drives me crazy? J: Huh? Pope: Unforseen obstacles, you know? You just want to get on with things, life, work, family, then some jacksses get in your way and try to stop you. J: Like when you're driving an animal runs in the road. You swerve mabe you spin out, you drive off the road and crash. You go straight, you hit the animal lot of blood and you keep goig, something like that? Pope: Exactly. J: So if an animal gets in our way we just run it over right?
  • J and Pope get rid of the truck by giving scraps to the scrap metal guy. They talk in metaphors about what to do to whoever gets in their way.
  • Chadwick: It's all set. They'll all be there. Livengood : You sure we need all of them? Chadwick: You want to put pressure on one Cody gotta get the other Codys to do it. Livengood: And you think they will. Chadwick: I've been working these guys. They only care about themselves. None of them are going to jail for Adrian I promise you that.
  • Chadwick sets Deran and the Codys up. He tells Deran to meet him with the other Codys in two hours to help with the probem, but he's really working with Livengood and thinks he's been playing them the whole time.
  • Julia: He says you owe us money. He says if you don't pay him his money he's going to take us to live with him. 
  • Julia tells Smurf about what happened with Max
  • Smurf: You know that feeling you have in your chest right now like a ball of fire burning in your belly? I have that too. Don't worry, that man is never going to bother us again.
  • Livengood: You guys ain't seen nothing yet. Liquor board, ocenaisde PD state cops I work with them all and I will bring every one o them down on you util they end of time. Don't look at him, look at me because I'm the one who is going to be in your nightmares every night. I'm the one who's going to be haunting you...
  • Chadwick brings Livengood there, and Livengood lays down his threats. They think Chadwick betrays him, but he shoots Livengood mid thrat and soliliquy, and uses that to negotiate a better price. 
  • He takes the gun and leave them to clean up the mess. 
  • Chadwick: You asked me to do something so I did. Deran: No, no, not this? Chadwick: I had to get him out here somehow so I told him I've been working you guys and uh, that I wanted to be a Fed. You should've seen his face. I mean he practicaly came in his skivvies. I think I've uh proven my usefulness to you guys. This kind of service comes at a higher price. Five grand. Two grand a month going forward. 
Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Chadwick: What do you want me to do?
Deran: I don't know. Cop shit.

Candace: You're high right now. That's why I wanted the baby with me.
Craig: Oh, so that's what this is?
Candace: This is about my daughter coming to her senses and getting away from you.