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Cupid has a couple tied up and she's torturing them. She kills them.

Laurel is prosecuting Damien Dahrk. His attorney calls him Mr. Bender from Markovia.

Felicity is packing up to move out of the Loft. She had a lot more stuff there than I imagined. Like, everything was hers. Oliver says he'll see her when he sees her. She reminds him she's a part of Team Arrow.

Good God. A flashback. With Doctor Who music.

Diggle and Oliver are just now talking about the breakup, but Felicity has already gotten a handle on moving out. What has taken so long? Oliver thinks Felicity wanting to stay on the team is a good thing. But, she's always been on the team. He, however, hasn't.

Cupid was supposed to be in custody at ARGUS. They aren't holding on to many prisoners lately. First King Shark and now Cupid. WTH?

Diggle gets in trouble on the stand for buying cocaine for Thea years ago. The end result? Laurel is pummeled in court. Lance wants to go on the stand because he doesn't have a secret identity he has to protect. Laurel won't allow him to go to prison even for Darhk.

Felicity finds Cupid with her next couple of victims. Speedy falls off mid chase and Oliver goes off half cocked. Felicity tells him to let the team help him. He gets Cupid who immediately escapes.

Laurel asks the DA if her dad can have immunity while testifying, and it's a definitive no. He doesn't care. Lance wants to testify, especially if it means he can tell the world how much he loves his daughter.

Felicity is appalled when Oliver thinks the best plan is for him and her to get married to catch Cupid. Felicity just learned to walk again, so being part of a sting probably isn't high on her list. 

They were going to get married very soon, as Oliver failed to cancel their venue. They can move it up for the case. When he does that it's over. It is over, she assures him.

Lance is on the stand. He tells him everything he did, every rotten thing. Damien is there with a smug look on his face. His attorney asks if Lance has ever seen Darhk do anything evil. Lance says he's pretty sure threatening the life of a police captain isn't legal, and why would he be putting his own career on the line if it wasn't true?

Felicity and Oliver go to their wedding. Oliver told the preacher they wrote their own vows. She brought him into the light and let him know he deserved that. He doesn't know if he deserves the light or her. But the way she makes him feel is the best part of his life. That was a cheat. Oliver is taking the moment to ask Felicity to marry him again. He puts the ring on her finger. He wants to be her always. Strange. 

Cupid shoots an arrow through Oliver's chest. She also has the place rigged with explosives. Oliver's wearing Kevlar. But what is Felicity wearing, given that she has a strapless bodice on and her chest is wide open. That seems unfair.

Felicity gives her a pep talk. She gives her vows to Cupid. Their love gives her life meaning and purpose and more joy than anything. She can be someone she never knew she could be because of love.

Oliver tries to get Felicity to go for coffee, but she's not ready.

The judge decides to hold Darhk for trial based solely on Lance's testimony. Lance is then suspended for what he did.

Felicity meets up with Oliver at the Lair. He meant every single word of it. She can't marry him. He swears to her there will be no more lies. She knows a part of him will always default to the man on the island. A man alone. 

Felicity is leaving the Team. She gives him back his ring.




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Arrow Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Love it a bullet to the brain...or an arrow to the heart.


Oliver: I did say that I was gonna cancel, and I am gonna cancel, but I haven't canceled...yet. When I pick up the phone to do that, it means it's over.
Felicity: It is over.