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Andy chats with Dig about Damien and Malcolm.

Damien's wife accepts her mayoral position. She offer's Laurel the DA's position. Thea thinks she should take it.

While Dig, Andy and Oliver are out being guys, Malcolm tries to steal the idol. Thea lets him live, of course. Why? No idea.

Oliver wonders why saving the shipment was so easy. 

Andy takes an arrow for Oliver, making Oliver wonder. What the hell?

Laurel has a "touching" meal with Lance. He tells her he's oh so happy she is the Black Canary because she's safer there than, say, being the DA under Darhk's wife.

Malcolm magicians himself into the prison and Darhk wants another favor. Or else.

Laurel goes to the prison to find stuff.

Oliver finds Andy patting down John's apartment. He is actively throwing Andy down when John walks in. John chooses Andy.

The old "take a bullet for ya" trick works.

Damien makes Laurel pay for being Lance's daughter.

She dies, after telling Oliver he was the love of her life.

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Laurel: You think Merlyn played Andy?
Oliver: What if Andy is playing us?

Laurel: I was gonna give up being the Black Canary, but I realized I didn't know how I could because going out there and fighting alongside you guys, that's what makes me feel alive inside. And I love you guys so much.
Felicity: We love you.
Thea: We love you.
Diggle: We love you.