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A waitress who looks exactly like Thea is being mugged outside in the alley and Canary stops it, but she wants to hurt "Thea."

Thea, meanwhile, has purchased a new political strategist named Alex. The first thing he tells Oliver is to distance himself from Laurel Lance anytime anyone brings her up.

Oliver met Constantine on the island.

Lance and Laurel chat about the fact Sara is killing people all over town. Laurel just wants to find her before Lance or Oliver because Sara isn't a thing. Lance wishes he had pulled the trigger, since he could have saved lives in the process.

Felicity wants Curtis to listen to Ray's recording to see what is recorded over his message.

Damien has a task for Lance. He wants him to plug a usb drive into a federal server farm.

Thea is very concerned about the advice from Alex about kicking Laurel to the curb. Oliver has been in love with both Laurel and Sara and not having them in their lives doesn't feel very united.

Just then, there is a call about Sara. Oliver is pissed. He wishes Laurel had come to him so they could have protected Sara and kept others safe. Oliver knows a thing or two about mysticism, because he met Constantine on the island.

Lance told Diggle about Darhk. In a lot more detail than he told Oliver. Diggle wants Lance next to Darhk so they can try to take down HIVE.

Oliver and Felicity are chatting about live and love at home when they realize both of the girls attacked by Sara look like Thea.

Thea survives Sara's attack, but in the hospital she tells Oliver about killing two men in Nanda Parbat. Laurel had no idea Thea was hurt. She and Oliver finally have a talk about him not considering Laurel an equal and how she loves his family, but wishes he would care about hers.

Laurel waits for Thea to wake up and apologizes.

Diggle and Lance put the trojan virus into the server farm together.

Sara attacks Thea again and tosses her onto the floor.

Sara's soul didn't come out of the Pit with her. Thea thinks both her and Sara going into the pit gives them some sort of connection, something they can use.

During Flashbacks, Constantine is giving Oliver lessons in the mystical. They each discover the other is not a bad guy.

Some of the names Darhk had erased were military, and Lance wants to know why they're deleting the names of long dead military. Darhk admits he hired an assassin to kill Andy Diggle. Diggle was into bad things such as drugs, weapons and murder. An eager beaver, he called him. And HIVE doesn't like to play with others.

Thea is back at Verdant waiting for Sara. Sara is out of control. Laurel considers killing her, but Oliver tranqs her and calls Constantine.

Diggle wonders if Oliver found Constantine at the Luxor. Felicity's just happy he's not a gorgeous woman.

Constantine attempts to get Sara back via a restoration ceremony in the Arrow lair. Oliver and Laurel hold hands over Sara and they get send somewhere else, fully suited up like superheroes. Sara is in a Pit. Laurel and Oliver have to work together to get her out. Constantine fights the assassins while they do that. It works. Oliver and Laurel come back and Sara wakes up, recognizing her family.

Laurel and Oliver make amends. They'll try to be better friends now.

Lance shares Andy's file with Diggle.

Felicity and Curtis listen to Ray's message. He's alive and he's in trouble.

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Oliver: Why didn't you come to me with this?
Laurel: Come to you with what? Your expertise with magical resurrection or that judgmental look on your face?

Lance: Sara's my daughter.
Laurel: Then why did I find you with a gun pointed at her head?