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Oliver and the team learned that Walker was on his way to Russia to sell a nuclear. The team went on a trip to Russia to stop the sale and take the villain down once and for all. 

When they got there, Anatoly hit Oliver and warned him for coming back. Later, Oliver went to visit him because he knew he needed him. 

Anatoly agreed to help. 

Felicity decided to hack the Russian cell phone operator and needed Curtis and Rory to help her out. They went to a bar and she threatened someone, who gave her access. 

Rory was not impressed with her actions and even ratted her out to Oliver. The phone helped the team get a trace on a signal to Walker's phone, but it turned out it was a trap and they were ambushed. 

One of the henchmen got knocked out, so he was taken back to the safe house. Diggle went too far and attacked him when he realized time was running out. 

When the team did catch up with him, Diggle resisted the urge of killing him. Felicity and Rory struggled to contain the nuclear, so Rory wrapped himself around it. 

It destroyed his rags. He then left the team as he questioned his place in life. 

Susan interviewed Quentin after some pointers from Rene. 

Later, after sleeping with Oliver, she met with her government contact who made her realize Oliver was the Green Arrow. 

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Felicity: Look tough.
Curtis: Grr.

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Diggle: Are you ready for this?
Dinah: When I signed on I didn't think I would be stopping a nuclear arms deal in a foreign country.
Diggle: When I signed on I didn't think I'd be dealing with aliens.
Dinah: Aliens?