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Oliver and the team go to try and get Tina Boland to join them, but she says she wants nothing to do with them. 

They find out that she is a former agent and is trying to avenge the death of her partner. When they catch back up with her, Curtis stops her siren screech. 

In flashbacks, Talia tells Oliver that the world needs someone like him to save it and offers him help to take down Kovar. 

Felicity worries when the file on the General goes missing, so she scoured the dark web all night, but someone messaged her, asking to meet her. 

Oliver went after Tina, and he seemed like he was getting through to her, but she made a getaway. 

The team found out her next target and tried to stop her, but Sean was a metahuman, too and overpowered them. 

Oliver tried to make her join the team again, but she tried to make a swift getaway. Oliver tried one last time to help her by revealing his identity. 

She agreed to make an alliance with him to take down one enemy.

Felicity met the hacker, but it turned out to be a young woman from a group called Helix, who were inspired by her. The woman gave her the files for John, but she was told she would need to return a favor. 

When the team catches up with Sean, they fight to the death, but Oliver could not sway Tina away from killing him and she did. 

Later, Diggle was released, while Tina revealed her name to be Dinah Drake. 


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Arrow Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Wow, costume warehouse having a fire sale I didn't know about?


Talia: Sleeping beauty awaits.
Oliver: Where am I?
Talia: Somewhere safe.