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Thea returns to work and immediately trashes Susan to Oliver. Oliver shuts her down instantly. 

It was then revealed that Rene was working as the deputy mayor's assistant. Thea was shocked. Before they managed to get a break, gunfire was opened in the office, with multiple casualties. 

Rene recalled taking the gun out of his safe as he was taking his daughter out. His girlfriend was not impressed, but Rene grilled her about using drugs. 

His daughter appeared and said her parents were arguing. Rene gave his wife an ultimatum, before leaving. 

Adrian signed himself out of the hospital, but everyone else was trying to get him to stay in for treatment. 

Oliver looked for the culprit and found a man whose group of thugs used the same guns. 

Ski goggle mask vigilante appeared and shot the man. 

Felicity found the man who apparently was the killer, but he was a nobody. 

Rene returned home with his daughter to find the house trashed. His wife's drug dealer was there, demanding money. 

Rene went to get money and his daughter walked in, so the dealer opened fire and killed his wife. 

Rene murdered the man as his daughter noticed her mother dead. 

Oliver went to the hospital where Evelind was and managed to talk him around to drop his weapon. He did so and was arrested.

Oliver then revealed there was a freedom act coming.


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Arrow Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Thea: What were you doing with a gun in here?
Rene: Judging by how I attacked the guy, saving people's lives.

Rene's Wife: You searched our bedroom?
Rene: Yeah, because it looks like my wife is a freaking junkie.