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Oliver goes to meet Talia, but she says Oliver killed her father and that's why she bonded with him. She reveals that Adrian is Prometheus. 

Oliver goes to get him, but he says Susan will die if he does not follow his rules. 

Meanwhile, Felicity goes on a mission to Helix and is astounded by the technology they have. 

Dinah and Curtis go to Chase's mom's house, but find a video of Chase getting ready to murder Susan. 

Rene and Quentin go after Chase when he is rude to them. 

Oliver is almost arrested by ESU, but he escapes. 

Felicity agrees to help helix hack Homeland security in exchange for finding out where Susan is. Felicity does so and Curtis is shocked. 

Oliver gives Pile evidence that Adrian is a fraud. but someone stabs Pike. At the hospital, Adrian tells Oliver he is one loss away from having a mental breakdown. 

After confiding in Diggle, Oliver reveals he knows one person who would make Adrian vulnerable.

Team Arrow go to the building and a bomb goes off, trapping Diggle and Rene. Curtis manages to break them out. 

Oliver catches up with Susan and frees her. He then fights with Prometheus, but Diggle arrives with Prometheus' girlfriend. 

Prometheus kills his girlfriend, but just as Oliver goes to war with Prometheus, Talia shoots Oliver and the pair kidnap him. 

Prometheus tells Oliver he is going to do his best to break him. 

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

You killed his father and I helped him in the pursuit of vengeance because by then, you killed mine.


Student: Who are you?
Oliver: I'm her former student.
Student: Former - which means you are not welcome here.