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Oliver and the team reacted in shock to the impeachment news. Adrian revealed he was handing in his notice and taking the blame for everything. 

Oliver was not hearing any of it and said he wanted Adrian to represent him as his lawyer. 

Oliver told Thea she would need to find a way to apologize to Susan, but she declined the opportunity. 

Susan makes it clear to Oliver that there's no way she believes he had nothing to do with what happened to her. 

At the council meeting, incriminating evidence is presented that makes it look like Oliver changed everything. 

Thea decides it may be a good idea to trash Malone and imply he was corrupt, but the Vigilante crashed the limo and fought with Oliver. 

Dinah found a part of the material from Vigilante's mask, but Adrian took it off her. 

We then got the reveal that Adrian was Prometheus. 

Vigilante then attacked Curtis and the team, but they overpowered him. 

Oliver publicly discredited the green Arrow and revealed that he is not t be trusted. 

Susan showed up to say she got her job back. Just as the couple were rekindling things, the team appeared to say the council voted against impeachment. 

Later, Prometheus kidnapped Susan. 


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Arrow Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

It's Oliver, and I'm not your boss anymore. I'm your client.


Dinah: I just realized, am I allowed to be in here?
Quentin: Usually, the detail stands outside.
Dinah: I'll go blend in.