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Argus, SCPD and Team Arrow track Chase down, but he makes an escape from them. 

Felicity turns to Helix, and Alena helps her figure out that Chase could be using someone from inside the SCPD. 

They unmask him and Alena goes after the man, but he is attacked in the elevator. 

It is later revealed that Alena hacked the elevator, killing the man in order to get his ARGUS key. Felicity figured this out and turned to Aleana, who said it was because ARGUS has one of her men. 

She tells Felicity to help out with everything and they could find their way to Chase. When Felicity tells Team Arrow, they turn on her. Felicity goes off on the mission alone. 

Lyla reveals that ARGUS will be taking out Helix on the mission. 

Lance tries to get Rene to see his daughter, but Rene reveals that he almost killed Zoe by falling asleep with the stove on. 

Lance sets up a meeting between Rene and Zoe, which prompts Rene to reveal he wants his daughter back. 

Alena tricks Felicity and Argus by going to a different location to save Aidan.

In the end, Alena ditched Felicity, but gave her the key to where Adrian was hiding. When Felicity returned to the lair, she and Oliver had a tense exchange but were both shocked to learn Adrian was in the building.  


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Arrow Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Felicity: You murdered someone.
Alena: Accidentally and for a good cause.

Yeah, but no one has entered or exited since. We got the bastard.