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Oliver is shocked by the return of Laurel, who revealed that she was saved by Sarah. Felicity returns to the bunker and tries to make sense of it. 

She throws a party, but she had an ulterior motive. She collected Laurel's DNA and it matched Laurel's, but they were attacked by the fake Laurel. 

It was quickly revealed that she was working with Prometheus and that she had failed her mission by her identity being uncovered. 

She then tried to meet Oliver at the Black Canary statue, but Felicity gave a kill order to the recruits, prompting Black Siren to destroy the statue, but the team managed to take her in. 

Oliver seemed to think she could be redeemed, but Felicity was against it. Felicity went to pester her, but Black Siren escaped. 

Felicity revealed that she put tracers in her water and let her escape. 

Adrian Chase was reeled in to help Diggle, but the General tried to get close to Diggle to kill him. The General then offered to have Adrian fired if he did not let him get on with things. 

When the team went after Black Siren, Prometheus revealed that Oliver would have to choose to save Felicity or fight. Curtis used his device to shut Canary up. 

Oliver revealed that he kept Black Siren at Argus, hoping there would be something left to redeem in her. 

Oliver then said it would be a good idea to look into finding a new Black Canary. 

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Renee: Weird man, she was dead and now she's not.
Oliver: That's time travel for you.

Laurel: Hi, Felicity.
Felicity: Laurel? Oh, my god. It's a miracle.
Laurel: Oliver said the exact same thing.