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Oliver and Diggle joined forces to try find out more information about Prometheus, but they were shocked to the core when the villain started murdering people. 

Team Arrow were not impressed at being left in the lurch about what was going on made their concerns known. Evelyn seemed to take the most offense, but Oliver managed to talk her round. 

Thea grew suspicious of Lance when he kept flaking on appearances and searched his office. She found alcohol and got confirmation that he was still drinking. 

She didn't know what the best course of action was, so she pressed on with creating an event everyone in Star City could go to. 

Evelyn engaged in a fight with Prometheus on a train, but Oliver showed up to save the day when it emerged that there was a bomb on the train. 

It was later revealed that Lance woke up with the murder weapon and a cut resembling the one Prometheus got earlier.

In flashbacks, Oliver came face-to-face with Kovar, but he was knocked out and Kovar made it clear he had a lot of plans for him. 

Felicity came clean with Malone about her friendship with the Arrow, prompting him to become a fan boy.

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Prometheus is trying to bait me. I don't want to put the recruits in harm's way until we know exactly what we're dealing with.


These killings are some kind of message that Prometheus is sending to Oliver.