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Green Arrow, Spartan, Wild Dog and Mister Terrific are back in Star City taking out bad guys on a late night. In a flashback Felicity and the others on the island are trying to find the plan to get off Lian Yu.

Samantha and Thea run back into the woods to find William as all the explosions begin to go off. Back in the present, Felicity walks in with Big Belly Burger take-out in.

She also made it off the island. Oliver and Felicity are talking about still adjusting to having William around. 

In the flashback, Oliver comforts William and promises that he will find his mom. In the present Oliver goes home where he is greeted by Raisa and he tries to talk with William.

But William is giving his dad the cold shoulder as he walks out of his son's room. At SCPD Dinah is interrogating the bad guy that the team dealt with.

Dinah learns that Quentin still hasn't shown up as he is at a bar tempted to take a drink. Dinah goes to see him and to talk him out of it as he is depressed.

At the station, the bad guy manages to break out a C4 from his tooth to get himself out. He is joined by Black Siren and a group of soldiers as they shoot the place down.

Oliver and his team go to investigate the next morning as they discover that Laurel was behind it. Quentin and Dinah were shocked that she wasn't dead as they initially thought.

In another flashback, Oliver finds Slade Wilson who is looking for survivors. They manage to find Thea who Oliver believes is dead.

Quentin talks with Oliver about Laurel, admitting that he was maybe Laurel's target. Elsewhere Black Canary goes to take on Black Siren as they have another showdown. 

The team joins Dinah to take on Laurel's men. Wild Dog gets falls down, but Green Arrow saves him just in time. Oliver checks on Rene who is badly injured.

Oliver and the team return to Felicity to give her a device they stole from the bad guys. Dinah and Diggle go to investigate while finding a map of city hall. The bad guys are targeting the mayor's office.

In a flashback, Quentin and Dinah are looking for survivors. Laurel comes from behind and puts Dinah in a knife-lock.

Oliver goes to William who is having bad dreams about an evil man. William explains that Oliver is the evil man he dreams about.

Felicity sees Oliver back at the bunker, noticing that something is bothering him about William. Quentin explains that he lied to them about Laurel on the island.

In the flashback, Quentin shoots Laurel and this explains why Dinah lied for Quentin in the present. Back in the flashback, Oliver finds Samantha as she passes away.

In the present, everyone is getting into position as Oliver holds a press conference. But Black Siren has so far not been spotted.

Oliver and Quentin argue about how he dealt with Laurel back on the island. They are soon alerted that Laurel went to crash the bunker as Diggle is all alone.

Diggle manages to hide from the mercenaries, but something is holding him back. Green Arrow gets there in time and takes them out.

Laurel's men are planting bombs around the bunker as Black Canary and Terrific to show up. The two Canaries go at it once more.

Siren detonates and tries to escape, but Quentin gets in the way and aims a gun at her. Laurel plays mind-games with her doppelganger's dad and sneaks away.

The team begins to clean up the mess Laurel's squad left behind. They try to figure out what Laurel was trying to steal and they go through their inventory.

The next day Oliver goes to visit Rene at the hospital. He gives Rene a new hearing for the custody rights of his daughter. Oliver then goes to the next room where Thea is as she is in a coma.

Slade shows up to see how she is doing before telling Oliver that he is leaving for Calgary. He gives Oliver some fatherly advice regarding William.

Back at the bunker, Diggle is flashing back to the day Lian Yu blew up. Dinah notices that Diggle's game is off as Curtis discovers what Laurel stole...one of his T-Spheres.

In a flashback, a helicopter arrives as a mysterious man goes to pick Laurel up. In the present, Oliver tries to connect with William by explaining that no matter what, he is his father and won't walk away.

William finally responds as the father and son make plans to go to a game the next day. Oliver goes home and is called by Felicity who tells him to look at the news right away.

Someone got a photo of Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow and now the city knows that the mayor is Star City's Emerald Archer.

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Raisa [to Oliver]: You had trouble fitting in, in age.
Oliver [to Raisa]: What?! What are you talking about? I had Tommy.
Raisa [to Oliver]: I wouldn't call having a friend who helps you get in trouble, "fitting in".
Oliver [to Raisa]: That's a fair point.

Black Siren: God you're such a bitch!
Black Canary: Yeah it takes one to know one, sweetheart!