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A wounded Oliver confronts Brick and asks for the information he promised him about Diaz. Brick tells him he doesn't have any information but The Demon does. He promises to arrange a meeting when the lights are out. While in his cell waiting, Oliver and the rest of the inmates' cell doors are opened. 

Oliver and Stanley arrive at Cell 3-B where Brick told him to go. They are ambushed by Turner and some lackeys. Oliver manages to fight them off and threatens to slit Turner's throat if he doesn't take him to Brick. Turner escorts Oliver and Stanley to the Mezzo Hall where Brick's playing a game. 

During their walk, Turner tells Oliver that he isn't that different from Oliver and tells him that he once saved Lyla's life. Turner gets Oliver in where Sampson is engaged in a street fight. Brick arranges a match-up between Sampson and the Green Arrow. Oliver tries to walk away but Sampson won't have it. Oliver ends up breaking Sampson's arm. 

Oliver climbs up to where Brick is and holds a knife to his throat. Brick tells him The Demon is on Level 2 where they lock up the worst of the worst, which Oliver isn't. Oliver stabs all the guards near him in non-fatal areas to get him to Level 2. 

Stanley is scared for Oliver and warns him he'll never be able to remain a hero while in this maximum security prison. Oliver is then escorted to Level 2 by the riot guards. 

Felicity pleads with Agent Watson to help her take down Diaz, but Watson tells her there is nothing she can do. Later, Felicity and Rene are watching Agent Watson in her office where Felicity put a secret security camera. 

Felicity and Rene get Watson and Dinah together and tell them about their plan to get Diaz who wants to infiltrate the CDC and steal a bio compound. 

At the CDC, Felicity can't lock the door as she planned. Dinah looks for The Silencer who is preventing it. Watson and Rene fight with the other Longbow Hunters. Diaz and the Hunters manage to escape. 

Later Watson is reprimanded by her FBI boss. Dinah wonders where Rene is but Felicity claims he just doesn't care for the FBI. Felicity visits Watson who is being transferred to another department. They exchange kind words. 

Rene questions Felicity's motives now that she had him kidnap The Silencer. 

Meanwhile, Diaz injects himself with the bio compound and gains super strength.  

At ARGUS, Diggle and Lyla are prepping for a mission in Switzerland. During the mission, Diggle learns from Curtis that Lyla is lying to him about something regarding the mission. 

Diggle follows her and sees her giving ARGUS intel to a criminal. She explains that ARGUS wouldn't listen to her, so she took matters into her own hands. She has to cross the line for the greater good. 

The two make up and Diggle asks Lyla to trust him next time. 

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Arrow Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

I still can't believe you stabbed yourself. Did you hit anything big, like your liver or something? Right, you probably don't even have a liver, just muscle.


Felicity: I backtraced The Silencers hack.
Rene: We're calling her The Silencer now?
Felicity: Better than the belt lady.
Rene: Noted.

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