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Oliver is released from solitary confinement. Peter the security guard escorts Oliver out and reprimands him for thinking he's a hero. Stanley is happy to have Oliver back and informs him, Diaz's henchman has been sent to Level 2. Stanley tells Oliver that Brick was the one who paid those men to attack him in the shower. 

Oliver asks Brick about Diaz at lunch. He tells Oliver he will only help him if he gets rid of Peter. 

Oliver and Stanley formulate a plan together that gets them access to a computer where they find out Peter has a wife and a kid. Later on, Brick hands Oliver a screw so he can take care of Peter. Oliver protests at first, but Brick and his associates remind Oliver that he's playing by their rules. 

While Peter checks Oliver's room for contraband, Oliver warns him someone wants him dead and he needs to leave. Peter refuses to listen and tells Oliver the Green Arrow just made things worse. 

In the cafeteria, Oliver confronts Peter while everyone's watching. He tells Peter he knows his family before stabbing himself and pretending Peter did it, getting him escorted out by the rest of the guards.

Meanwhile, in Star City, The Longbow Hunters infiltrate one of ARGUS's offsite facilities. They steal an ultra high-density renewable battery. Deputy Director Bell reminds Diggle after his briefing that recovering the technology is more important than getting Diaz. Felicity begs Diggle to let her help with the operation, but Diggle says he can't break ARGUS protocols. 

Felicity goes against Diggle's wishes and finds the location of the battery. Curtis is against it at first but eventually gets Rene to help them. They enter the building, but Curtis finds out they aren't alone. Diggle and his squad enter. 

Diggle reprimands Felicity for blowing ARGUS's best possible lead. Diggle reminds Felicity that getting her old life back is impossible, and taking down Diaz won't change that. Felicity fires back by saying Diggle doesn't care about the last six years and should've worn the Green Arrow hood as Oliver asked. 

Diggle tells Felicity he couldn't put the hood on and ruin his family like it ruined Oliver's. Felicity asks to help but John tells her she can only help if she does it the ARGUS way. 

Diggle and ARGUS on a train looking for the battery, they try and fight off The Longbow Hunters but they are too powerful. Diggle sees Diaz at the mission. The two battle it out, and Diggle manages to wrestle the battery away from him. He asks Felicity to disengage the train in order to save the battery, but Felicity refuses. Curtis does it for her. 

Afterward. Felicity tells Diggle she can no longer work with him because her number one priority is stopping Diaz. Felicity meets with FBI Agent Samandra Watson and tells her they are going to work together and take down Diaz. 

Dinah confronts Laurel after she ditches her protective detail. Laurel claims not to need it despite Diaz being free, but Dinah insists on doing her job and protecting her. However, Laurel manages to escape when Dinah gets a coffee. 

Dinah finds Laurel at one of Diaz's construction spots. Laurel wants to kill Diaz and avenge Quinton. Dinah tells Laurel that she knew she hadn't changed despite what Quinton and Oliver said. 

Yet, the two end up working together to take down the Silencer. The next day, Laurel thanks Dinah for her help and agrees to accept protection from the SCPD. Laurel also apologizes to Dinah for killing Vinny and hopes that one day Dinah will see that she isn't that person anymore. 

In the flashforward, William tells Roy that Oliver and Felicity pretty much abandoned him. He shows Roy the reconnection stone Felicity gave him, and inside are GPS coordinates to Lian Yu. Roy tells him looking for answers will only cause him pain. 

William starts talking about his Aunt Thea, but Roy quickly shuts him down. William says Felicity sending him to Lian Yu and running into Roy can't be a coincidence. 

They dig up Oliver's bow. Roy pulls out a piece of paper from it, and after reading it, burns it. Roy tells William that they are going back to Star City. 

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Arrow Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Rene: Back in town a week, and you're already sneaking out of ARGUS behind papa Dig's back. So proud.
Felicity: Thanks, bae.

Oliver: I need to find his pressure point.
Stanley: WWGAD?
Oliver: What?
Stanley: What would Green Arrow do?
Oliver: Oh, he'd have Overwatch gather information.
Stanley: What's an Overwatch?