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Oliver wakes up and The Monitor appears in the room. The Monitor redirected him, Diggle, and Laurel to Earth-1 after Oliver interfered with the people on Earth 2.

He wants Oliver to bring Dr. Robert Wong to him. The Monitor leaves and Oliver, Diggle, and Laurel fight their way through a local gang to escape the building in Hong Kong.

Laurel tries to go back to Earth 2 but the breach device is broken. She leaves to try to find a way back.

In the future, Vasquez is safe but he gave JJ the codes to a private vault in his penthouse.

Mia, Connor, and Zoe went there but it had already been ransacked, leaving one thing behind, a flash drive from the vault security mainframe that is fried.

William tries to fix it to find out what the Deathstroke gang stole while the others leave to find JJ.

Oliver and Diggle search a ARGUS machine for Wong. He is a Nobel Proze winning biophysicist who is missing.

The gang shows up and Tatsu saves Oliver and Diggle.

Tatsu was disgraced from the Crescent Order after she gave the lotus cure to Nyssa for Thea. She’s a vigilante now. She is going to help them find Wong.

Lyla shows up to help Laurel. They meet with David Chen who can fix the breach device.

Connor, Mia, and Zoe find the Deathstroke gang and JJ pulls Connor to talk.

Oliver, Diggle, and Tatsu realize that Wong was working on a top secret project for the Chinese government and is in protective custody.

They try to capture him but the Triad show up and kidnap Wong themselves. China White is with them, having been freed from ARGUS custody.

David fixes the breach device, but shows Laurel that Earth 2 is gone.

Oliver breaks into a secret facility to find out what Wong’s project was. He recreated the Alpha-Omega virus. The Triad wants Wong to make it for them.

Connor pleads with JJ to step away from the Deathstroke gang.

Oliver meets with China to trade the virus for Wong. Wong is wearing explosives. Tatsu and Diggle attack. With the help of Lyla, they secure the virus.

Tatsu gets the detonator from China, but China stabs Tatsu. Laurel saves her.

Tatsu will heal. Wong is transferred to a secure location by Lyla.

The Deathstroke Gang storm the bunker and kidnap William.

Oliver is going to go to Nanda Parbat to find answers about The Monitor.

Lyla meets with The Monitor and tells him she has Wong.

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Arrow Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

Lyla: When I was in Afghanistan, my unit got sent out on patrol on a day I drew base duty. It was a routine op, we'd done it a hundred times before. Only this time, there was an IED in the road. None of them made it back. I used to lay in bed at night asking myself, why them? Why not me? And, I made every deal I could think of with any god I thought might listen.
Laurel: And, did it work?
Lyla: Not exactly.

Oliver: What the hell happened back there?
The Monitor: A herald of what is to come. An entire world erased from existence.
Oliver: Where's my mother? Where's, where's Tommy? Where's, where's Rene? Where's Dinah?
The Monitor: They are no more.
Oliver: Did you hurt John and Laurel?
The Monitor: They are alive, and nearby. But, now you know that if we fail to stop the coming Crisis, what you witnessed will occur on infinite Earths across the expansive time.