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Ash is visited by Brock's spirit, which ended up being disturbed when Ruby resurrected his body. He tells Ash about the night he was killed, and that he was trying to warn him of something.

Brock uses his memories to show Ash that years prior, he was visited by a member of the Knights of Samaria who was searching for Ash. The man reveals that he possesses missing pages from the Necronomicon and is searching for Ash.

When Brock blows him off, he causes the man to fall down the cellar steps. Leaving him for dead, Brock seals up the doorway and closes the shop.

Ash uses this newfound information to reopen the cellar door to try and retrieve the missing pages, in hopes that they will help the him defeat Ruby.

Ash and Brock find the man's remains and missing pages, but Ash is attacked by vines that emerge from the wall, but Ash fights them off and retrieves the pages. Brock's spirit begins to fade and bids farewell to Ash, but before leaving tells Ash that he knew Brandy's real guidance counselor and gives him Ms. Previtte's address.

Kelly goes to Ash's house and finds Brandy, the two are then attacked by a possessed Pablo. In the process of fleeing, Kelly is bitten on her leg by Pablo. The two retreat into the trailer as Pablo continuously, but unsuccessfully attempts to get to them.

Kelly's condition worsens and screams in horror as she looks at her wound and finds Pablo's face talking to her.

The Necronomicon calls out to Ruby as she speaks with Kaya, the sorceress bound within, who warns her of her fellow Dark Ones attempting to escape their exile.

Ruby finds Dalton in the woods, and uses a spell to ward off the evil temporarily in order to pry information from him, however he uses the opportunity to blow his head off, preventing himself from being used to Ruby's advantage.

Ash arrives at Ruby's hideout and finds the hitchhiker still chained up and Ruby's child asleep, who has now grown exponentially into the size of a 5 year old.  

Ash attempts to free the woman, but they alert the child who runs up to Ash and lets out a demonic high pitched scream.

Ash vs Evil Dead
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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Brock: What's she like?
Ash: Stubborn as shit, and she hates my guts.
Brock: So she's smart. Like her already.

Ash: Nice try Ruby. You Think I'm stupid? Think I don't know my own father when I see him?
Brock: Poor Ashley. Life just keeps serving up the shit sandwich.