School Play - Astrid & Lilly Save the World
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Lilly and Candace have a fight about their relationship.

A manequin moves on it's own.

Astrid makes up with Lilly, but something seems off as Lilly mainly repeats the things Astrid says.

Michelle is a lunatic and changes the ending of Romeo and Juliet, much to the dismay of Candace and Eggs.

Christine tells Candace that she slept with Tate's dad.

The Guardian tells Christine that she needs to shed her earthly regrets to take over her dimension.

Lilly runs into her doppleganger in the bathroom.

Lilly runs to Brutus, but Brutus tells her that Lilly already visited him, but it was the doppleganger.

Brutus fills the real Lilly in on the monster.

Brutus also wants to know the details of Lilly's broken heart, but she wants to get the monster first.

Brutus convinces Lilly to let him be her partner for the monster hunt.

Cadace is distracted, which pisses off Michelle and annoys Eggs.

Eggs and Val flirt.

Eggs notices something off about Lilly.

Brutus continues to look for ways to help.

The play starts and things don't go well.

Astird figures out that their are two Lillys, then another Astrid appears.

The play sucks.

Astrid and Lilly make up, and the dopplegangers dissappear.

Candace disappears, but Val shows up in the wedding outfit.

Eggs notices the thing he noticed with Doppleganger Lilly on doppleganger Val.

Astrid kills the Lilly doppleganger.

Candace admits her undying love for Lilly.

The monster hunters think that Candace is the third monster, but its Val.

Candace admits her love to Lilly in front of everyone.

Astrid tells Lilly that she put all three heads in the orb for her.

Sparrow is taken under The Guardian's control.

The Guardian turns out to be a nomral looking man.

He takes the guts of one of the kids, and puts it in the orb.

He claims he needs 87 more to complete more.

Astrid & Lilly Save the World
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Astrid & Lilly Save the World Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Jordan: Watch it loser
Astrid: Go to hell loser
Doppelganger Lilly: Hey! Go to hell Jordan.
Astrid: I missed you, partner.
Doppelganger Lilly: Missed you, partner.

The ending of Romeo and Juliet down under? Too depressing. I rewrote it! They're not gonna die. They're going to have a big fat Australian wedding and live happily ever after.