Lilly in Detention - Astrid & Lilly Save the World
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Astrid and Lilly deal with some major personal issues with each other.

Lilly finds Sparrow's nail polish in her car, and figures out that Astrid and he had sex there.

She's offended and disgusted, as well as still angry that Astrid made mistakes with the monster.

They arrive in detention with Candace, Tate, Sparrow, and Michelle greeting them. Eggs is also there, but not for detention, just to study.

Michelle is her usually less-than-lovely self, and demands the students recreate her ruined decorations.

As they work on it, tensions rise.

Tate is still mad at Candace for breaking up with him.

Astrid is still mad at Lilly for keeping a secret from her.

Lilly is still mad at Astrid for getting the information wrong with the last monster.

The monster started attacking, and it went after everyone except Michelle.

Even Astrid and Lilly get captured by the monster.

Astrid and Lilly got forced to tell their classmates (Eggs, Sparrow, Tate, and Candace) that they're monster hunters.

They confess everything to them (of course, Tate already knew).

They manage to escape the monster's clutches and defeat it, without anyone losing their lives.

Astrid and Lilly still cannot get along, and that does not go well for Brutus.

Brutus discovered (with his new stuffed unicorn companion) that The Guardian is real, and is in fact in town.

He warns the girls, but they're more focused on their newfound animosity towards each other.

Sparrow leaves detention first, and on his way home, gets approached by Christine.

He gets in her van, and the voice of The Guardian greets him as Christine drives away.

Astrid & Lilly Save the World
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Astrid & Lilly Save the World Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Sparrow: Okay. Okay -- so this is where you've been going this whole time. Oh my God, I'm dating Buffy holy shit. This is rad. No, but you should have told me about this before we're about to die! Like: "hey! Sparrow! Monsters are real!"
Astrid: I'm not going to let you die!

Tate: Candace and Lilly are frickin' dating.
Candace: I wouldn't really call it dating.
Astrid: Wait a second, Candace? Wait a second! Tate! Did you just out them? On what planet do you think that that's okay? That's beyond unacceptable you idiot.