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Kate plays a video game. Alice joins her with wine. The lights flicker and Alice comments on Kate's renovation job. Suddenly, she starts to question the situation and although Kate initially confirms that this is real, the lights flicker more dramatically and Alice realizes that she's in a fantasy.

She wakes up in Arkham strapped into an electro-convulsive device being electrocuted by Dr. Butler.

Batwoman confronts a jewel thief and in the fight, he gets knocked down and she flashes back to killing Cartwright. The thief revives and security arrives so she runs. On the roof, she suffers a panic attack but claims to be fine when Luke asks what's wrong.

One week passes and a man wakes up in a GCPD squad car with a bomb strapped to him and 24 minutes on the count-down. A recording informs him that if he disarms his bomb, he will trigger another bomb somewhere else in Gotham. He chooses to save his life and a building, Gotham International Bank, implodes, killing a dozen people.

The villain is the Detonator and is well-known in Gotham.

A faux Batwoman is rolled into Mary's clinic, the second that week. The real Batwoman is M.I.A.

Julia finds Kate wallowing in her apartment. Kate confides her issues with killing Cartwright. Julia gives her a quick pep talk, tells her about the bombing, and heads off.

In Arkham, Mouse shares in group therapy. Alice is resistant but Mouse likes it in Arkham.

Tom Elliot joins the group late and starts talking about Bruce Wayne. Alice notices a shiv in his shoe. Dr. Butler wants him to change topics and Elliot goes off and sets off the other inmates.

The Detonator watches coverage of the lawyer looking for justice for Reggie Harris.

Sophie and Julia discuss the killings related to the Crows cover-up.

Luke is working out in the BatCave. Kate comes in to talk about the Detonator. The Detonator's bombs all have 214 stamped into them. Kate realizes the bomber was a military dishonorable discharge because 214 is the code on discharge papers. The suspect is George Adler. Kate chooses to question him as herself rather than Batwoman.

In Arkham, Alice sees Elliot passing in the hallway. She taunts him into stabbing him with his shiv.

Kate talks her way into Adler apartment. When she questions him, he gives up his father as the Detonator but it turns out he died seven years ago.

Reggie Harris' lawyer, Bobby Reeves, wakes up strapped to a bomb in his car parked near a playground.

Alice finds Mouse after being patched up. She has Elliot's shiv and pulls the stitching out of her wound.

Reeves calls Jacob for help. Jacob orders the Crows to clear the area for a mile around.

Kate and Luke realize Mary's clinic is in the bomb's range. Mary's trying to clear people out but a lot of her patients are in bad shape and hard to move. She tries to secure them and stays. Kate tries to get to her but Jacob lets Reeves disarm his bomb and the secondary device takes down a high-rise blowing in all the windows of the clinic and knocking Kate out.

Kate gets to Mary and helps her with faux Batwoman. She becomes disoriented and leaves, having another panic attack. Mary confronts her about being Batwoman.

Dr. Butler is strapping Mouse in when Mouse attacks the orderly and stabs the doctor through the heart.

Julia and Sophie tell Luke about the sniper's real identity. He informs them that the real Detonator died seven years ago and they connect the intel to Robles, a rookie cop at the time of the Detonator's spree and now head of the Crows' homocide team.

Robles ambushes Jacob and knocks him down a flight of stairs and black bags him.

Jacob wakes up with a bomb strapped to his chest in his office. He calls Sophie and Julia.

Kate suits up and gets up to speed on Robles. She catches him and questions him about Lucius Fox's murder. The secondary bomb is in the parkade under Wayne Tower and Kate takes him there. Robles informs her that Jacob is strapped in the primary bomb.

Luke comes down, activates Wayne Tower's bomb-proof lockdown, and then, at gunpoint, gets the whole story on Lucius' murder. Elliot paid Robles to get Lucius to give up a book he'd been writing but Robles accidentally killed him when he charged him after Robles threatened to hurt Luke.

Kate starts to have another panic attack and Luke contemplates killing Robles. She tries to talk him out of it and admits she killed Cartwright. Kate tells Julia to disarm Jacob's bomb. They pull Robles out of the parkade as the bomb goes off.

Sophie is reinstated and Julia is recruited from her agency to help track down everyone involved in the cover-up.

Kate and Luke debrief. Luke lets Kate in on the fact Batman killed as well. The Joker is dead, not at Arkham.

Mary comes in and makes it clear that she knows about Batwoman. Luke is flustered.

In Arkham, Mouse, wearing Dr. Butler's face, comes to get Alice. She decides that, rather than escape, they should just lay low at Arkham for a while.

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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Kate: That's one way to take someone's head off.
Alice: Oh, now she's giving me pointers on how to be evil.

I'm sorry that I spent the best video-gaming years of my life locked in a basement.