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Batwoman disrupts a human trafficking transaction and Mary greets her and Luke at Wayne Towers with celebratory champagne.

Kate tells Luke they need to find his father's journal.

Julia and Sophie investigate one of Tommy Elliot's warehouses but find no journal.

Kate visits Tommy Elliot in Arkham to find out where the journal is.

Tommy returns to his cell to find Alice there. She and Dr. Butler (Mouse) squeeze him for the journal information. He reveals that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

In return, they reveal what they can do to change his appearance.

Tommy makes a call to Johnny Sabatino to retrieve the journal. Kate decides they'll be going clubbing at Sabatino's club to get the journal.

Mary wants to be in on the mission but Kate blocks her because of the danger. She brings in Julia as back-up instead. They discuss Sophie and Kate's a bit jealous.

At the club, Kate runs into Reagan at the bar and gets a bit distracted from the mission.

Julia pulls the lights on the club and Batwoman makes her way through the crowd. Julia fights off some thugs but gets caught.

Batwoman finds the journal on the desk but it's booby-trapped

In Arkham, Mouse and Alice stage it to look like Tommy committed suicide for the Crows to find. Tommy, meanwhile, has no face or scalp.

Luke wants Mary to back him up and she argues that she should be the one going in. He gives in and gears her up.

Sabatino decides he's going to hold on to the journal which triggers Tommy. Alice is calm and explains that she has sent Magpie after the journal.

Mary talks her way into Sabatino's auction where he sells off the Bat equipment and plans on auctioning off Batwoman next.

Julia's being worked over by Sabatino's man and sticking with her SRR story however that gets blown when a contact there says that she's been rogue for the past six months.

Jacob visits Alice at Arkham and asks for her help with Tommy's case. Alice rebuffs him, describing the treatments she's been subjected to.

Sabatino takes Mary's 2.5 million for Batwoman's suit. He's not willing to take a promise of 10 million for Batwoman.

Luke spots Magpie making her entrance into Sabatino's.

The human trafficker wins the right to kill Batwoman. On Mary's signal, Luke blows the flash pots in her money case and Mary releases Batwoman.

Julia uses the distraction to free herself and kill her captors.

Batwoman confronts Magpie on the roof for the journal. Magpie throws it over the edge in order to escape. Batwoman loses Magpie but has the journal.

In the aftermath, Kate thanks and apologizes to Mary. Reagan tracks Kate down afterward and they hook up at Kate's loft.

Luke takes Mary to the Batcave and has to stop her from Instagramming herself. Then he lets slip Bruce's secret.

Kate wakes up alone and discovers the book is gone. Reagan meets with Magpie and hands over the book and cuts ties with her sister.

Julia takes a mystery call from someone also interested in the journal.

Alice removes the tracker from Magpie and lets her leave. Mouse reveals the journal was written in code so they can't use it.

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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Mary: We wanna hide the goods but not hide the goods. You feel me?
Kate: Ok, the goal is to blend in.
Mary: Yeah, but at this place, standing out is blending in.

Mary: Congratulations! On behalf of the medical profession, both licensed and unlicensed, I'd like to offer my sincerest 'WHATUP!' on shutting down that chop shop. I wasn't sure how you guys celebrated.
Kate: Usually by icing my knuckles.