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Zsasz arrives at a hotel room to kill a man and his lover on orders from his wife. After posing the bodies in the bed, he records their kills with new cuts on his body.

A man approaches a masked dealer in an alley, looking for Snakebite. The deal is interrupted by Batwoman who has some issues with the suit and equipment. Luke's not helping much. An alarm goes off and she takes off so Ryan can meet her parole officer.

Ryan runs into Mary's clinic to let her know she needs to be her job alibi. Mary backs up her story and hires her to work at the Hold-Up.

Jacob briefs the Crows on Snakebite. The crash investigators recover Kate's cell phone and turn it over to Jacob. He doesn't know the password and asks for Sophie since she might know.

Sophie wakes up on a beach next to Alice and some thugs. Both women are handcuffed. Alice assumes Safiyah abducted Sophie so she could report back on Alice's death.

Tatiana reports to Safiyah that both women are awake. Safiyah orders her to watch Sophie and have Alice brought to her.

Alice shares her plans with Sophie before Tatiana arrives.

Zsasz takes out a man at Hamilton Dynamics. The alarm is triggered and Zsasz strolls into a lab. The scientist there pulls a gun but Zsasz uses it to kill him.

Luke, Mary, and Ryan look at the lab surveillance footage. Ryan IDs Zsasz because she knows people who know him. Knowing the brand of lotion he uses for his scars, Ryan leaves Luke to track him down.

In Coryana, Safiyah offers Alice a meal which she declines. Safiyah reveals that she never blew up Kate's plane, that someone wants Alice to think she did.

Batwoman enters Zsasz's apartment to retrieve the drive. Szasz arrives and chats while she's working out her equipment. He comments that she's not that comfortable in the Batsuit. When she banters back, he pulls out a missile launcher and she runs.

The drive contains a list of people. Ryan plans to hire Zsasz to find out who hired him for this list of targets.

She finds him in a hotel bar and introduces herself as Angelique Martin's ex-girlfriend which gets her an invitation to stay. She presents money for a hit on Alice but he declines to take the job as he's still working on his last one. He doesn't give up a name either but her money bag had a device that cloned his phone's data. Luke works on decoding it and discovers his last contact was Safiyah.

Talking to Safiyah, Alice runs through her interaction with The Rifle. Safiyah doesn't appear to know or care.

Sophie and Tatiana talk and Tatiana reveals what Alice did.

Safiyah maintains that she didn't crash Kate's jet and Alice retorts that she didn't reveal the desert rose to the world, only Mary.

Mary and Luke discuss Safiyah and Ryan. Mary states that Kate is not coming back and Luke doesn't believe her. Mary pushes him to accept Ryan as Batwoman.

At the clinic, Mary's shown CT scans from a cancer patient whose cancer has disappeared. The patient was treated for the batbite toxin and the list Zsasz stole was of everyone treated.

Zsasz kills Mary's assistant and comes for Mary. Ryan tells Luke she's altered the suit.

Mary's evading Zsasz and manages to cut him which annoys him. She runs and hides in an alley. Batwoman arrives just as he finds Mary. She has a new look.

Tatiana demands that Sophie let Alice roam free. When she refuses, they fight.

Zsasz is impressed by Batwoman's fight but gains an upperhand. Batwoman knocks him out with the Bat Bo.

Alice and Safiyah recount their relationship and Alice admits to being disappointed that Kate and her weren't one and the same. She attacks Safiyah who overcomes her and then claims to have Kate, showing Alice Kate's necklace.

Safiyah interrupts Sophie's fight with Tatiana. She releases Sophie's bonds and has her knocked out with an injection. She promises to return Kate to Alice but requires her to do something for her first.

Ryan meets again with her parole officer who demands she faind a home address by next week.

Alice and Sophie wake up in an alley. Alice informs Sophie that Safiyah has Kate.

Luke visits Ryan at The Hold-Up to deliver a new Batarang. He makes amends.

Jacob had his tech team crack Kate's phone. He finds a photo on it of a Jack Napier painting with the name "Safiyah?" written on it. Sophie arrives and tells him that Kate's alive.

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Batwoman Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

The suit's bulletproof, dumb ass.


Batwoman: Seriously?
Luke: That would've been a ten if you'd stuck the landing.
Batwoman: I would've stuck the landing if the boots actually fit.