On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 20, Batwoman & Jacob work together when an old Gotham celebrity begins killing victims in a grisly manner. Alice puts her skills to work.


Titan attacks a man on the subway and then escapes from Jacob and Kate.
Mouse and Hush put pressure on Alice to do what they want.
Luke proposes destroying the piece of Kryptonite Bruce Wayne was holding onto for Superman. Mary debriefs on Titan's background.
Alice kills a geology professor who tells her the Kryptonite she wants is in Wayne Tower.
Batwoman tries to stop Titan's attack on his brother but fails. Jacob declares Batwoman a public enemy.
Mouse threatens to leave Gotham without Alice.
The team figures out who Titan's next target will be and Batwoman, through Mary, connects with Jacob to propose an alliance so that they take him down.
Baiting the trap with Titan's old football coach, Batwoman fights Titan and manages to talk him down but the Crows kill him and then turn on Batwoman who escapes after they open fire on her.
Julia and Sophie arrive but Jacob is unrepentant. Julia shares her fears about Safiyah with Sophie.
Alice and Mouse hold a ceremony to burn her copy of Alice in Wonderland as a symbolic parting with the past. Mouse realizes Alice has poisoned him and dies in her arms.
Kate and Mary bond over the incident with Jacob. Luke brings in the Kryptonite, now pounded into dust. Kate reveals that she has a shard she's keeping for Supergirl.
Jacob commits to finding a weapon to destroy Batwoman.
Alice fits Hush with his new face and turns him into Bruce Wayne.

Episode Details

On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 20, Alice finally obtains the key to destroying Batwoman but risks losing Mouse and Hush. Jacob's need to end Batwoman endangers Kate.

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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Luke: You are holding the only shard of Kryptonite on the planet.
Kate: Why was this in a puddle in the Bat Cave?
Luke: Safe keeping. Bruce was holding onto it for a friend.
Kate: Lemme guess. Tights. Cape. Big 'S' on his chest?

Alice: Bats! What is happening? Why are they here?
Mouse: Because bats eat rats, Alice. And that's what we are down here. We are rats living among rats.