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Aidan and Sally become more than just good friends.

Josh goes into the woods with some fellow wolves when it's not a full moon to show them what he can do.

Suzanna takes Aidan out to end the leader of the vamps -- Kenny.

Aidan is walking around with a towel on after a shower and Sally tells him to put some frickin clothes on.

The pack has chosen Josh as their pack leader.

Sally wants to try another spell to get Josh back to normal, but he won't let her use magic if it means she might leave forever.

Sally tells Nora to come get the rest of her stuff in an attempt to get her and Josh in touch.

Aidan and Suzanna discuss how many times they've thought about taking their own lives.

Josh meets a woman at the change point, but he senses she's not a wolf. Mark tells her she's not a wolf -- yet.

Kenny tells Aidan that he has a few blood dens now, from all around.

Aidan thinks Kenny is starting to sound like Bishop and he wants to kill him, but his girlfriend Astrid comes by and Aidan has second thoughts.

Andrew and Caroline know about Mark's plan to change all of the people into werewolves as well. They want Josh to do it because he can change at well.

When Josh refuses to show his wolf to Mark and Andrew they shock him with a cattle prod saying "this is for everyone."

Nora won't stay in the house any longer, despite Sally's attempts to change her mind.

Aidan asks Suzanna to give him time to get Kenny under control. She gives him two months.

Aidan asks Sally for romantic advice and Sally answers with what she knows from her trip to the past/future.

Astrid shows up to the house and tells Aidan, Sally and Nora that they have Josh.

Suzanna unzips herself in a body bag inside the Sapp and Sons. She's out to get Kenny.

Aidan attempts to take on all the werewolves but they overpower him momentarily and then Sally enters each in turn so they can conquer them together. She uses the biggest, burliest body to remind Aidan about their love with a really frakked up kiss.

Suzanna tries to kill Kenny and Aidan stakes her as he tells her to forgive herself.

Sally's interactionw ith Aidan took a lot out of her. She looks like a dead body, but she's a ghost. Aidan doesn't know what she wanted him to remember.

Nora tells Aidan Sally's in love with him. When he replies that he would do anything for her, she's in her body in Lil' Smokie's room. 

Being Human
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Being Human Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

You either just did a piss poor job of explaining it to these people or you recruited a bunch of psychopaths.


Andrew: I know this sounds weird, but I know exactly how you feel.
Josh: Oh yeah? Spend a lot of time naked in a cage?