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Rick imagines hitting Merillee with a hammer but ultimately wakes her up to tell her he’s going to be a better man.

When Ronald comes to the girls, Danielle taunts him. He later realizes that someone has been in the barn and warns Rick. A flashback shows how Rick recruited Ronald to help in the kidnapping of women.

Jenny and Cassie head back to the barn after realizing there is an underground area. The sheriff meets them at the barn, but when they arrive, only Rick is there. Later, Jenny gets arrested for the criminal stalking of Rick.

Ronald moves the girls to the All In bar and cleans them up as they are getting ready to be transported. After a confrontation with his mother, who accuses him of being a sexual pervert, Ronald goes to see Merilee, and though she tells him they can’t see each other, they share a kiss.

Rick prepares the girls to be moved but is ambushed by Cassie, who has traveled to the bar after a conversation with Merilee. After a heated standoff, Cassie shoots Rick in the head.

Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I've come to give you a little bit of good news. Today's the first day of the rest of your life. Isn't that lovely?

Ronald [to the girls]

Ronald: How's the leg?
Danielle: Still puss-y. Maybe you can suck on it.
Ronald: You have an evil mouth. I realize that's cool -- to be disrespectful, to be unkind. Have you stopped to consider that is was your unkindness that got you here?