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News of the girl's disappearance hits the media, causing Rick to arrange for the girls to be moved to Canada ASAP.

Helen continues to be suspicious of Ronald, while Grace comes up with a plan to have maggots eat at her infection so she will be less appealing to be shipped out, which will buy them some more time to escape.

Rick meets with the Helena sheriff, and while there, Cassie and Jenny put a tracker on his car.

After a tense meeting with Rick, Ronald goes to Merrilee's store (the two have never met) and invites her to a taxi dance. She later shows us, and the two share a dance.

Jenny and Cassie decide to head to the truck stop Jerrie was last seen at and look into one of the truckers. Jenny goes undercover and gets into the truck, but when she tries to leave with some items to check for DNA, a fight ensues, and Cassie has to pull her gun on the trucker.

Denise tracks Rick's car to an abandoned farm.

Cassie and Jenny search the barn but don't hear the girls calling out for help.

Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Helen: Do you have something to do with those missing girls, Ronald?
Ronald: How dare you.
Helen: I would hope you would be counted on to do the right thing. I will do the right thing. Trust that.
Ronald: Sometimes doing the right thing has to give way to doing what's necessary. I will do what's necessary.

Oh, sweetheart, I continue to believe there's more good in you than bad. But the day I come to believe otherwise, that there's more bad in you than good, that's a terrible day for me. For you.

Helen [to Ronald]