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Rick wakes up but appears to have no memory of why he’s in the hospital or what happened to him.

Cassie and Jenny meet with Tubb, who tells them Grace has requested their presence as they search for the body of the fisherman Rick killed.

Ronald dyes his hair and later reaches out to Merilee and asks to meet for coffee. When he tells Helen that he is meeting with her, Helen assumes Ronald will kill her and tells him she is turning him in. Ronald then kills her by snapping her neck.

Rick gets a lawyer who insists that he does not cooperate with the police.

Jerrie shows Cassie and Jenny the note Ronald left her and then decides to stay with a friend since Ronald knows where she lives.

Grace leads the police to the fisherman’s body and then identifies Rick in the hospital as the killer.

While at Merilee’s home, Ronald kisses her and sneaks off to

Grace and Danielle assist with getting a sketch of Ronald done. And when the ladies take the drawing to Merilee’s, she informs them that Ronald is inside the house.

Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Helen: What have you done to yourself?
Ronald: I needed to change my appearance.
Helen: Well, mission accomplished on that.

Cassie: Hello?
Jenny: He's awake.
Cassie: Who?
Jenny: Legarski. He's awake.