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Scarlet pleads with Dr. Cowley to help Ronald and hits his wife when she attempts to call 911.

Jenny gets T-Lock ready to meet Bob, as he will be wearing a wire. Travis thinks it's a bad idea but agrees to accompany her as backup.

Verr ask Jag for more details on the Montana operation, and he tells the family that they are moving everything out of Canada and settling in Montana.

While patching Ronald up, Dr. Cowley finds the chip Wolf inserted in him.

Mark tells Cassie that they need to give up on chasing Ronald and bring Wolf in. She agrees, but they head off to find Ronald after they get a signal on the chip.

Ren and Jag believe something is up with Verr, and they decide to do some digging into Alicia.

T-Lock goes to the parking garage but ditches his wire after Bob tells him he will kill Rachel if he doesn't take it off. Bob leads him to a car and gives him directions to a location, while Jenny, Travis, and Poppernack track T-Lock's phone to find him.

T-Lock ditches his car and phone, exchanging it for a walkie talkie and sets out on foot to meet Bob. Meanwhile, Max and Rachel are being held in a van, and Max is able to turn the hazards on.

Jenny, Travis, and Poppernack find the abandoned vehicle, and then she and Travis set off in the direction of the hazards.

Mark, Cassie, and Wolf track the signal to a vehicle, but they find Dr. Cowley's wife inside, who leads them to the house.

T-Lock meets with Bob and refuses to give in the money until he sees Rachel and Max. He then pulls a gun on Bob and shoots him, not realizing Bob is wearing a bulletproof vest. Bob then shoots T-Lock, but before he can reshoot him, Jenny clips him in the shoulder, and he runs off.

Travis follows Bob, who drops the cash and flees. At the same time, Jenny watches T-Lock die before rescuing Max and Rachel.

Ren asks Verr why they're moving out of Canada, but he won't tell her why. As he later tells Alicia that it wasn't the right time.

Travis lies to Jenny about finding the cash.

At Dr. Cowley's, the doctor gives Ronald some drugs before stabbing Scarlet in the neck. Ronald then snaps his neck.

Mark and Cassie get into the house, while Wolf breaks free from the Jeep. Wolf attacks Ronald but is stopped by Mark when he goes to shoot him. Mark and Wolf then simultaneously shoot each other in the barn.

Cassie eventually finds Ronald, who stabs her in the shoulder. When Phoebe comes to the barn, Ronald gets distracted, and when she leaves, Cassie then stabs him in the neck.

Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Not that my opinion counts, but I do think a move out of Canada would be good for Verr's health. Plus, Canada. I mean, it's Canada.


Donno: We have addresses of loved ones, parents, children, and pets. I also have my saw, as well as other things.
Verr: Sometimes it's better if he doesn't talk.