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Jenny goes to Max's and finds the house trashed.

Wolf tells Mark and Cassie that he made a deal with the syndicate to get Ronald. And that he will help them find him, but only if he gets to bury Agatha and receives immunity for his crimes.

Bob keeps Rachel and Max tied up in a basement.

Ren introduces Stone to Verr as the new head of distribution. Outside the Bhullar house, Travis runs into Jenny, who is there to confront them over the missing women. Travis stops her from going inside and tells her the truth about what he's gotten into. The two then decide to talk to Dietrich together.

While driving with Scarlet and Phoebe, Ronald slips in and out of consciousness. He imagines driving with Rick Legarski.

T-Lock goes to his sister's house to hide out, and he gets a text from Bob that shows he has Rachel and Max.

Jenny and Travis talk to Dietrich and decide to look into Bob. Later, Dietrich confronts Bob, who threatens him.

After finding out that T-Lock has a sister from Harper, Jenny, and Poppernack capture him at her house.

Verr tells Ren that he knows the Montana hub idea was hers, but she's not ready to lead the family. He tells her Jag will lead the enterprise, and she is to finish the job she was sent to do in Montana.

Travis tells Ren about T-Lock having the money and Bob taking the girls. She tells him if he finds the women and the money, it's a win/win for the both of them with Verr.

Max almost escapes from the basement but is re-captured by Bob after a scuffle.

With the police listening in, T-Lock sets up a time to meet with Bob the next day.

Wolf tells Mark and Cassie he has a chip in Ronald to track him. They track him to a hospital.

Scarlet follows a doctor from the hospital to his house and forces herself and Ronald inside at gunpoint.

Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Rick: We kill the ones we love, Ronald. Sometimes literally. You already know that.
Ronald: I hope you're rotting in hell.
Rick: You'll be joining me. Any moment now. It's not so bad.

Wolf: What if I could help you find him?
Mark: We don't need your help.
Wolf: Yes you do. You just don't know it.
Cassie: We'll find them.
Wolf: Actually you won't. You won't find them without my help. I know where he is, where he will be. Both of them. Scarlet, too.