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A woman wakes to noises in her home. Her husband investigates and is killed before the robber makes off with her husband's Trans-Am.

Cassie gets the VIN off the truck that Walter set on fire and tracks it to Buck. He and Sunny lie to her and tell her that he sold the truck many years ago and doesn't remember exactly who he sold it to.

Beau and Jenny find the missing Trans-Am via a tracker the owner has on it. It's abandoned, and someone was looking for something inside. They find another Trans-Am was stolen and ransacked in Montana, with one more vehicle registered in the state.

Donno and Tonya take Luke into the woods, hoping to jog his memory about the night Paige went missing. Later, Donno runs into Walter and asks him if he's seen Paige, and Walter says he has not.

Jenny and Poppernak visit the home of ex-convict Mickey, who previously owned the last Trans-Am that hasn't been hit yet. At the same time, Beau goes to the current owner's house. When he leaves Beau alone in the house, Beau discovers the man isn't the homeowner and finds the actual homeowner tied up.

Beau jumps onto the hood of the Trans-Am as the robber goes to leave, and he places a tracker on it before he's thrown to the ground.

Denise wants to look into the bleeding heart mystery, while Cassie gets a composite sketch of Walter made.

Beau and Jenny track the Trans-Am to a parking garage, where they find the robber dead. After discovering he was in prison, they track him to Mickey, his cellmate. Mickey gives himself up to Beau and Jenny, and Beau lets him take one look at the signed Mickey Mantle rookie card he'd been after.

Walter tells Paige there is someone after her. And he also tells her the story of burning down the house with his adoptive parents inside.

Mary finds Paige's bag in the woods while on a jog. She runs into Sunny and Buck and tells them, leading Sunny to walk with her to the bag. Mary becomes increasingly suspicious of Sunny, and when she tries to leave her, Buck stabs her in the back.

Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Sunny: Let's go after dinner when everybody's asleep.
Buck: You gonna let me do the talking?
Sunny: I am not. Walter will listen to me.
Buck: And if he doesn't?
Sunny: Let's not go there unless we have to.

Paige: Whatever it was. I understand.
Walter: You do?
Paige: Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.