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Moscow, Two Weeks Ago

Roman Navikev has a woman in a bedroom. A good witch is hard to find, he says. He strangles her until her eyes go white She begins telling him about Sasha. with Elena.

Elena is listening to Sasha. He knew her parents, who helped smuggle her out. There is someone across the way who is not with either of them.

Sasha has her birthday tattooed on his arm. They split up because someone is tailing them. Elena gets into a fight with him and Sasha breaks the guy's neck. After doing so, the family drives away.

Elena has no memories of her parents. Nothing but flashes, a smell. A feeling of being safe. She's angry this guy Sasha can show up and try to unhinge all of that. But she also wonders if her memories are real or just how she wants to remember them.

Elena had given up all hope of finding blood relatives and doesn't want to open that door. Clay suggests keep the door closed and just be with him. They have sex.

Alexei is getting ready to go through the change into a wolf for the first time.

Bucky Durst comes to Stonehaven and Clay wants him to help hammer nails. Apparently Clay doesn't know Bucky is with Eduardo.

Bucky acts as if he cares for the pack just like he should. Elena breaks a dish in the kitchen and Clay finds her getting ready to cook in there.

There's nothing in her memory box to make her think Sasha is her father.

Clay puts together Bucky is a baddie at about the same time Jeremy does off campus.

They kill the intruders. While Elena and Clay are talking about hating what they're doing, Roman shows up.

Jeremy wants to listen to what's up with Roman, but he doesn't want to listen to what Elena has to say about it. Therefore, he doesn't have the full picture from Elena.

Clay wonders why Elena isn't telling Jeremy about this. Is it because she wants to make sure he's really her father before giving him up to her alpha? He wants her to be careful. She will be, because she's taking Clay with her.

Roman shares he's tracking Sasha Antonov, a very dangerous mutt, and he has been for years.

Elena and Clay arrive at the diner. Sasha wonders if Clay wants to join them. No, he wouldn't want to let his guard down.

As Sasha begins to tell Elena about her family, her mother, Jeremy starts to torture Eduardo.

The name Antonov comes with a heavy price. It affects his children, as well. He doesn't want to bring it to her door.

Eduardo taunts Jeremy. He has built a family, but none of it is real. His "children" are not his blood. He has lived a lonely life that will be forgotten in death. Jeremy assures him he will remember Eduardo's death for years and years to come, quite fondly thank you very much.

Sasha pulls out a baby show. It was Elena's. He has carried it with him for the last 30 years. She wore a certain perfume. On her it was the scent of home. He thinks he still smells it on her shoe. Sasha tells Elena Roman Katya and Alexei's mother killed in front of them. If he knows they're here, he'll kill them all.

Meanwhile, Roman is covered in Eduardo's blood. He didn't just chop off Eduardo's head, but chop him into tiny bits, while Jeremy looked on.

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